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These are the books that various authors have devoted some time to about various people and hillbilly / country / western music in general. Your local library may have these books. Or your local book store may help you obtain these books to help you learn more about hillbilly music. We've also added a link in some cases to help you purchase the book if you're interested in reading and learning more about the people, the music and their history.

Hillbilly Music Biographical, Discographies & History Books
50 Years of Saturday Nights
  Maggi Vaughn (1975)
A Boy Named Sue
Gender and Country Music
  Kristine M. McCusker and Diane Pecknold (2004)
A Century Of Country Music
  Robert K. Oermann (1999)
A Country Music Legend, Doc Williams, Looking Back
  Doc Williams (2006)
A Folk Song History of North America
  Samuel Forcucci (1984)
A Good Natured Riot
The Birth Of the Grand Ole Opry
  Charles K. Wolfe (1999)
A History and Encyclopedia of Country, Western, and Gospel Music
  Linnell Gentry
Associate Professor of Education
Middle Tennessee State University (1969)
A History and Encyclopedia of Country, Western, and Gospel Music (1st Edition)
  Linnell Gentry (1961)
A Satisfied Mind
The Country Music Life of Porter Wagoner
  Steve Eng (1992)
A Song In Native Pastures
Randy Atcher's Life In Country Music
  Wade Hall and Gregg Swem (2002)
A Star That Twinkled But Never Got To Shine
A Fictionalized Biography of 4-Star Recording Artist Tommy Kizziah
  Sharon Kizziah-Holmes (0)
A Story of the Grand Ole Opry
  George D. Hay (1953)
Accordions, Fiddles, Two-Step & Swing: A Cajun Music Reader
  Ryan A. Brasseaux and Kevin S. Fontenot, Editors (2006)
Ain't Got No Cigarettes
Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller
  Lyle E. Style (2005)
Air Castle of the South:
WSM and the Making of Music City
  Craig Havighurst (2007)
America's Music: Bluegrass
  Barry R. Willis (1989)
America's Music
The Roots of Country
  Robert K. Oermann (1996)
American Folk Music and Left-Wing Politics, 1927-1957
  Richard A. Reuss with JoAnne C. Reuss (2000)
Among My Klediments
  June Carter Cash (1979)
An Orchid Among The Stars
  Betty Seiner (1977)
Anchored In Love
An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash
  John Carter Cash (2007)
Angel Unaware
  Dale Evans Rogers (2004)
Archie Campbell
An Autobiography
  Archie Campbell with Ben Byrd (1981)
Artists of American Folk Music
  Phil Hood, Editor (1986)
Back In The Saddle Again
  Gene Autry (1978)
Ballads and Folks Songs of the Southwest
  Ethel and Chauncey O. Moore (1964)
Banjo on the Mountain: Wade Mainer's First Hundred Years
  Dick Spottswood (2010)
Behind Closed Doors
Talking With the Legends of Country Music
  Alanna Nash (2003)
Best Jokes Minnie Pearl Ever Told :
(Plus some that she overheard!)
  Kevin Kenworthy (2000)
Bill Monroe Reader
  Tom Ewing, Editor (2000)
Billboard Book of Number One Country Hits
  Tom Roland (1991)
Billboard Book
of Top 40 Country Hits
  Joel Whitburn (1996)
Birth of the Banjo
Joel Walker Sweeney and Early Minstrelsy
  Bob Carlin (2007)
Bless Your Little Heart
The Story of Buddy Starcher
  Marion R. Goddard (0)
Blue Moon of Kentucky
  Les Leverett (1996)
Bluegrass Breakdown
The Making of the Old Southern Sound
  Robert Cantwell (1992)
Bluegrass Odyssey
A Documentary in Pictures and Words 1966-86
  Carl Fleischhauer and Neil V. Rosenberg (2001)
Bluegrass Reader
  Edited By Thomas Goldsmith (2004)
Bluegrass: An Informal Guide
  Richard D. Smith (1995)
A History
  Neil V. Rosenberg (1993)
From the Lonesome Wail of a Mountain Love Song to the Hamerring Drive of the Scruggs-style Banjo - the Story of an American Musical Tradition
  Bob Artis (1975)
Bob Wills:
Hubbin It
  Ruth Sheldon (1938)
Border Radio
Quacks, Yodelers, Pitchmen, Psychics, and Other Amazing Broadcasters of the American Airwaves
  Gene Fowler and Bill Crawford (1987)
Born To Win
  Woody Guthrie, Edited by Robert Shelton (1965)
Bound for Glory
  Woody Guthrie (1943)
Bristol Sessions
Writings About The Big Bang of Country Music
  Edited By Charles K. Wolfe and Ted Olson (2004)
Buck Owens: The Biography
  Eileen Sisk (2012)
Buddy Starcher Biography
  Robert H. Cagle (1986)
Bus Fare To Kentucky
The Autobiography of Skeeter Davis
  Skeeter Davis (1993)
By The Seat Of My Pants
My Life In Country Music
  Buddy Killen with Tom Carter (1993)
Cajun and Creole Music Makers
  Barry Jean Ancelet; Ralph Rinzler; Photographer - Elemore Morgan (1999)
Cajun Music
A Reflection of a People
Volume 1
  Ann Allen Savoy (1984)
Can't You Hear Me Callin'
The Life of Bill Monroe
  Richard D. Smith (2000)
Cash - The Autobiography
  Johnny Cash with Patrick Carr (1997)
Cash Family Scrapbook
  Cindy Cash, Johnny Cash (Introduction) (1997)
Chet Atkins
The Life, Legend, and Legacy of a Musical Giant
  Rusty Russell, Mark Knopfler (2003)
Chronicles of an Old Fiddler The Family Ranch Band
  Billy J. Beeman (1995)
Classic Country
Legends of Country Music
  Charles K. Wolfe (2001)
Close Harmony
A History of Southern Gospel
  James R. Goff, Jr. (2002)
Coal Miner's Daughter
Loretta Lynn
  Loretta Lynn with George Vecsey (1976)
Come Hither To Go Yonder
Playing Bluegrass With Bill Monroe
  Bob Black (2005)
Complete Book of Square Dancing (And Round Dancing)
  Betty Casey (1976)
Conway Twitty Story
An Authorized Biography
  Wilbur Cross and Michael Kosser (1986)
Country - The Biggest Music In America
  Nick Tosches (1977)
Country Dance Book
The BEST of the Square and Contra Dances
  Beth Tolman and Ralph Page (1976)
Country Music Annual 2000
  Charles K. Wolfe and James E. Akenson, Editors (2000)
Country Music Annual 2001
  Charles K. Wolfe and James E. Akenson, editors (2001)
Country Music Annual 2002
  Charles K. Wolfe and James E. Akenson, editors (2002)
Country Music Changed My Life: Tales of Tough Times and Triumph from Country's Legends
  Ken Burke (2005)
Country Music Comin' Home
  James C. Hefley (1992)
Country Music Culture
From hard Times To Heaven
  Curtis W. Ellison (1995)
Country Music Encyclopedia
  Melvin Shestack (1974)
Country Music Legends In The Hall of Fame
  Chet Hagan (1982)
Country Music Message
  Jimmie N. Rodgers (1983)
Country Music Message: Revisited
  Jimmie N. Rodgers (1989)
Country Music on 78s
  Robert K. Olson (2003)
Country Music Originals
The Legends And The Lost
  Tony Russell (2007)
Country Music Picture Album and Information Encyclopedia
Country Music Records
A Discography: 1921-1942
  Tony Russell; editorial research by Bob Pinson (2004)
Country Music Sources
A Biblio-Discography of Commercially Recorded Traditional Music
  Guthrie Meade, Dick Spottswood and Douglas Meade (2002)
Country Music Stars and the Supernatural
  Cliff Linedecker (1979)
Country Music Story
A Picture History
of Country and Western music
  Robert Shelton and Burt Goldblatt (1971)
Country Music U.S.A
  Bill C. Malone (1985)
Country Music Who's Who 1960 Edition
  W. L. Steinhauser, President; Thurston Moore, Editor (1960)
Country Music Who's Who 1964 Edition
  Thurston Moore, Editor (1964)
Country Music Who's Who 1965 Edition
  Thurston Moore, Editor and Producer (1965)
Country Music Who's Who 1966 Edition
  Thurston Moore, Editor and Producer (1966)
Country Music: Facts, Fallacies and Folklore
  Paul Randall (1982)
Country Music
The Encyclopedia
  Irwin Stambler & Grelun Landon (1969)
Country Music
The Rough Guide
  Kurt Wolff (2000)
Country Roads
How Country Came To Nashville
  Brian Hinton (2000)
Country Sunshine
The Dottie West Story
  Judy Berryhill and Frances Meeker (1995)
The Music and the Musicians
  Paul Kingsbury, Alan Axelrod and Susan Costello, Editors (1994)
Cowboy and the Senorita
A Biography of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
  Chris Enss and Howard Kazanjian (2005)
Cowboy and Western Songs
A Comprehensive Anthology
  Austin E. Fife and Alta S. Fife (1969)
Cowboy Copas and the Golden Age of Country Music
  John Roger Simon (2008)
Cowboy Lore
The Story of the Cowboy, Cowboy Dictionary, Brands, Customs, Pranks, Stories and Songs
  Jules Verne Allen (The Singing Cowboy) (1933)
Crazy Verse
  Glenn Sutton (1993)
Creating Country Music
Fabricating Authenticity
  Richard A. Peterson (1997)
Dale Evans Rogers
Rainbow On A Hard Trail
  Dale Evans Rogers; Norman B. Rohrer (1999)
Dance Halls and Last Calls
A History Of Texas Country Music
  Geronimo Trevino III (2002)
Danny Boy
The Legend Of The Beloved Irish Ballad
  Malachy McCourt (2002)
David Stone in Sunset Valley
The Story of the KSTP Barn Dance
  Gerald Barfuss (1983)
Dear Mama Williams: Sympathy Cards and Letters to the Hank Williams Family
  Dale Vinicur (2004)
Decca Hillbilly Discography 1927 - 1945
  Cary Ginell, Compiled By (1989)
Definitive Country - The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Country Music and its Performers
  Barry McCloud (with Others) (1995)
DeFord Bailey
A Black Star in Early Country Music
  David C. Morton
with Charles K. Wolfe (1993)
Devil's Box
  Charles K. Wolfe (1998)
Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
Country Music and the Southern Working Class
  Bill C. Malone (2002)
Doug Kershaw Song Book
Lou'siana Man
  Robin Nelson, Music Editor (1971)
Dust Bowl, the Bakersfield Sound and Buck
  Kathryn Burke (2007)
Eddy Arnold
I'll Hold You In My Heart
  Don Cusic (1997)
Eddy Arnold
Pioneer of the Nashville Sound
  Michael Streissguth (1997)
Eight Miles North ... One Mile East of Wroxton
The Smilin' Johnnie Story
  Smilin' Johnnie with Eleanor Dahl (2006)
Encyclopedia of Folk, Country and Western Music
  Irwin Stambler and Grelun Landon (1969)
Encyclopedia of Popular Music
  Colin Larkin, Editor in chief (1992)
Entertainers Of Country Music
Ernest Tubb:
The Original E.T.
  Norma Barthel (1984)
Ernest Tubb
The Texas Troubadour
  Ronnie Pugh (1998)
Essential Hank Williams
  Tim Jones with Harold McAlindon and Richard Courtney (1996)
Everybody's Grandpa
Fifty Years Behind The Mike
  Louis M. Grandpa Jones
with Charles K. Wolfe (1984)
Everything You Wanted to Know about Songwriting
But Didn't Know Who To Ask
  Cliffie Stone with Joan Carol Stone (1992)
Exploring Roots Music: 25 Years of the JEMF Quarterly
  Editied & Introduced by Nolan Porterfield (2002)
Fiddler Of The Opry
The Howdy Forrester Story
  Gayel Pitchord (2008)
Fiddler's Curse
The Untold Story of Ervin T. Rouse, Chubby Wise, Johnny Cash, and The Orange Blossom Special (Revised and Updated)
  Randy Noles (2007)
Fiddlin' Charlie Bowman
An East Tennessee Old-Time Music Pioneer and His Musical Family
  Bob L. Cox (2007)
Fiddlin' Georgia Crazy
Fiddlin' John Carson, His Real Word, and the World of His Songs
  Gene Wiggins (1987)
Fifty (50) Years Down A Country Road
  Ralph Emery with Patsi Bale Cox (2000)
Fifty Years at the Grand Ole Opry
  Myron Tassin, Jerry Henderson, Minnie Pearl (1991)
Fifty Years Together: The Red Birds Remember
  Joe Taylor; Patty Corbett (2006)
Finding Her Voice
The Saga of Women in Country Music
  Mary A. Bufwack and Robert K. Oermann (1993)
Fireside Book Of Folk Songs
  Selected and Edited By Margaret Bradford Boni
Arranged for Piano by Norman Lloyd (1947)
First Generation of Country Music Stars
Biographies of 50 Artists Born Before 1940
  David Dicaire (2007)
Folk and Traditional Music of the American Continents
  Bruno Nettl (1965)
Folk Songs of North America
  Alan Lomax (1960)
Folk Songs Of The United States
California State Series
  Lillian Mohr Fox, Arranged By (1951)
Folks Songs Of The Southern United States
  Josiah H. Combs (1967)
For A Cowboy Has To Sing
  Joe Bob Tinsley (1991)
For The Record
Sun Records
An Oral History
  By John Floyd
Edited by Dave Marsh (1998)
Fred Rose And the Development of the Nashville Music Industry, 1942 - 1954
  John Woodruff Rumble (1980)
From the Bottom Up
The Stonewall Jackson Story
  Billy Henson (Compiled & Edited By) (1991)
Frontier Fiddler
The Life of an Arizona Pioneer
  Kenner Casteel Kartchner, Larry V. Shumway - (Editor) (1990)
Funny Business:
A Professional Guide to Becoming a Comic
  Ken Berryhill (1985)
George Jones:
I Lived to Tell It All
  George Jones, Tom Carter (1996)
George Jones:
The Life and Times of a Honky Tonk Legend
  Bob Allen (1994)
Giants of Country Music
  Neil Haislop, Tad Lathrop; Harry Sumrall (1995)
Git Along, Little Dogies
Songs and Songmakers of the American West
  John I. White (1989)
Go, Cat, Go!
  Carl Perkins and David McGee (1996)
Golden Guitars
The Story of Country Music
  Irwin Stambler; Grelun Landon (1971)
Goldmine Country Western Record & CD Price Guide
  Fred Heggeness (1996)
Gospel Music Encyclopedia
  Robert Anderson (1979)
Grand Ole Opry
  Willam R. McDaniel and Harold Seligman (1952)
Grand Ole Opry
  Jack Hurst (1975)
Grand Ole Opry
The Complete Story of a Great
American Institution and Its Stars
  Chet Hagan (1989)
Grand Ole Opry
The Making Of An American Icon
  Colin Escott (2006)
Growing Up In Country Music
  Uncle Bob Hardy as told to Frank Love (0)
Hank Hung the Moon: . . .and Warmed Our Cold, Cold Hearts
  Rheta Grimsley Johnson (2012)
Hank Snow Story
  Hank Snow, the Singing Ranger
with Jack Owenbey and Bob Burris (1994)
Hank Thompson My Side of Life: The Biography
  Warren Kice (2007)
Hank Williams Story
  Burton Odom; Mrs. Burton Odom (1974)
Hank Williams The Biography
  Colin Escott with George Merritt and William MacEwen (1994)
Hank Williams, So Lonesome
  Bill Koon (2002)
Hank Williams
Country Music's Tragic King
  Jay Caress (1979)
Hank Williams
Life To Legend
  Jerry Rivers
Edited By Thurston Moore (1967)
Hank Williams
Snapshots From The Lost Highway
  Colin Escott, Kira Florita
Foreword by Rick Bragg
Preface by Marty Stuart (2001)
Hank Williams
The Complete Lyrics
  Hank Williams, Don Cusic (Editor) (1993)
Happy Trails: Our Life Story
  Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Jane Stern, Michael Stern (1994)
Hawaiian Music and Musicians
An Illustrated History
  George S. Kanahele (1979)
Hawaiian Steel Guitar
And Its Great Musicians
  Lorene Ruymar (1996)
Hayloft Gang
The Story of the National Barn Dance
  Chad Berry, Editor (2008)
Haywire Mac and the Big Rock Candy Mountain
  Henry Young (1981)
He Stopped Loving Her Today: George Jones, Billy Sherrill, and the Pretty-Much Totally True Story of the Making of the Greatest Country Record of All Time
  Jack Isenhour (2011)
Heart Worn Memories
A Daughter's Personal Biography of Willie Nelson
  Susie Nelson (1987)
Heartaches by the Number: Country Music's 500 Greatest Singles
  David Cantwell, Bill Friskics-Warren (2003)
Hell Bent for Music
The Life of Pee Wee King
  Wade Hall (1996)
High Lonesome
The American Culture of Country Music
  Cecelia Tichi (1994)
Hit the Glory Road!
Behind the Country Music Sound
A Grassroots Gospel
  Bobby Lord (1969)
Hollywood Corral
  Don Miller (1976)
Homegrown Music
Discovering Bluegrass
  Stephanie P. Ledgin (2004)
Honky Tonk Gospel
The Story of Sin and Salvation in Country Music
  Gene Edward Veith and Thomas L. Wilmeth (2001)
Honky Tonk Heroes
A Photo Album of Country Music
  Photos: Raeanne Rubenstein; Text: Peter McCabe (1975)
How Nashville Became Music City U.S.A.
50 Years of Music Row
  Michael Kosser (2006)
How Sweet The Sound
The Golden Age of Gospel
  Horace Clarence Byer (1995)
I Cannot Go Back
  Jimmy Snow with Jim and Marti Hefley
Introduction by Johnny Cash (1977)
I Fall To Pieces
The Music and the Life of Patsy Cline
  Mark Bego (1995)
I Love You A Thousand Ways: The Lefty Frizzell Story
  David Frizzell (2011)
I Saw The Light
The Gospel Life of Hank Williams
  Al Bock (1977)
I Walk the Glory Road
Redd Harper's Own Story
  Redd Harper (1957)
I Was There When It Happened
My Life With Johnny Cash
  Marshall Grant with Chris Zar (2006)
I Went Down To St. James Infirmary
  Robert W. Harwood (2008)
I've Been Everywhere: A Johnny Cash Chronicle
  Peter Lewry, Lou Robin (2001)
Illustrated History Of Country Music
  Patrick Carr, Editor (1979)
In Close Harmony
The Story of the Louvin Brothers
  Charles Wolfe (1996)
Inside Bluegrass
20 Years of Bluegrass Photography
  Becky Johnson (1998)
Inside Music City USA
  Teddy Bart (1970)
It All Happened in Renfro Valley
  Pete Stamper (1999)
It Was A Trip On Wings of Music
  Jerry Byrd (2003)
It's A Long Way From Chester County
  Eddy Arnold (1969)
Jazz of the Southwest
An Oral History of Western Swing
  Jean A. Boyd (1998)
Jim Reeves Story
Like A Moth To A Flame
  Michael Streissguth (1998)
Jim Reeves
Me & 'Mexican Joe'
  Mitchell Torok (2002)
Jimmie Davis
More Than Sunshine
  Kenny Gill
Edited by Robert Gentry and Patricia Martinez (2000)
Jimmie Rodgers
  Robert K. Krishef (1978)
Jimmie Rodgers' Life Story (Complete)
  Mrs. Jimmie (Carrie) Rodgers (1935)
Jimmie Rodgers
The Life and Times of America's Blue Yodeler
  Nolan Porterfield (1979)
Joel Whitburn's Top Country & Western Records 1949-1971
  Joel C. Whitburn (1972)
Johnny and Ann Rion Their Life and Times
  Hugh Daniel Rion (2003)
Johnny Cash and the Paradox
Of American Identity
  Leigh H. Edwards (2009)
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison
  Michael Streissguth (2004)
Johnny Cash Record Catalog
  John L. Smith (1994)
Johnny Cash Story
  George Carpozi, Jr. (1970)
Johnny Cash
Pop Culture Legends
  Sean Dolan (1996)
Johnny Cash
The Biography
  Michael Streissguth (2006)
Johnny Cash
The Life of an American Icon
  Stephen Miller (2003)
Joltin Jim: Jim McCoy’s Life in Country Music
  John Douglas (2007)
Ken Maynard The Fiddling Buckaroo
  Mario DeMarco (1979)
Kentucky Country
  Charles K. Wolfe (1982)
King of Country Music
The Life Story of Roy Acuff
  A.C. Dunkleberger (1971)
King of Western Swing
Bob Wills Remembered
  Rosetta Wills (1998)
Kitty Wells Country Kitchen Cook Book
  Kitty Wells (1964)
Lefty Frizzell:
The Honky-Tonk Life
Of Country Music's Greatest Singer
  Daniel Cooper (1995)
Legacy of the Blackwood Brothers
  Paul Davis (2001)
Legends of Country Guitar
  And Yoichi Arakawa John (1998)
Les Paul
An American Original
  Mary Alice Shaughnessy (1993)
Life and Times Of
Hank Williams
  Arnold Rogers & Bruce Gidoll (1993)
Life of Jimmie Rodgers Jimmie The Kid
  Mike Paris & Chris Comber (1977)
Life Story of Kitty Wells
  A.C. Dunkelburger (0)
Light Crust Doughboys Are on the Air: Celebrating Seventy Years of Texas Music
  John Mark Dempsey, Art Greenhaw (2002)
Linthead Stomp
  Patrick Huber (2008)
Little Miss Dynamite
The Life and Times of Brenda Lee
  Brenda Lee
with Robert K. Oermann and Julie Clay (2002)
Live Fast, Love Hard:
The Faron Young Story
  Diane Diekman (2007)
Live! At The Ozark Opry
  Dan William Peek (2010)
Lone Star Swing
  Duncan McLean (1998)
Lonesome Cowgirls and Honky-Tonk Angels
The Women of Barn Dance Radio
  Kristine M. McCusker (2007)
Lonesome Melodies: The Lives and Music of the Stanley Brothers
  David W. Johnson (2013)
Long Steel Rail
The Railroad in American Folksong
  Norm Cohen (2000)
Looking Back to See: A Country Music Memoir
  Maxine Brown (2005)
Lost Highway
Journeys and Arrivals of American Musicians
  Peter Guarlnick (1979)
Lost Highway
The True Story of Country Music
  Colin Escott (2003)
Louisiana Hayride Years
  Horace Logan with Bill Sloan (1998)
Louisiana Hayride, Volume 1 (1948 - 1960)
Louisiana Hayride, Volume 2 (1948 - 1960)
Louisiana Hayride: Radio and Roots Music along the Red River
  Tracey E. W. Laird (2004)
Louisiana Music
  Rick Koster (2002)
Love Always, Patsy
Patsy Cline's Letters to a Friend
  Patsy Cline, Cindy Hazen, Mike Freeman (2000)
Lovesick Blues:
The Life of Hank Williams
  Paul Hemphill (2005)
Make Music While You Can: My Story
  Ramona Jones (2000)
Man Behind The Scenes
(Pappy) Neal McCormick & Hank Williams
  Juanealya McCormick Sutton (1987)
Man Called CASH:
The Life, Love and Faith of an American Legend
  Steve Turner (2004)
Man Comes Around
The Spiritual Journey Of Johnny Cash
  Dave Urbanski (2003)
Man In Black
  Johnny Cash (1975)
Many Tears Ago
The Life and Times of Jenny Lou Carson
  Jerry Langley and Arnold Rogers (2005)
Lord, Let Me Leave a Song
  Darryl E. Hicks (1978)
Maritime Music Greats
Fifty Years of Hits and Heartbreak
  Virginia Beaton and Stephen Pedersen (1992)
Marty Robbins
Fast Cars and Country Music
  Barbara J. Pruett (1991)
Meeting Jimmie Rodgers
  Barry Mazor (2009)
Memories From The Microphone
The Life Story of Bill Mack
  Bill Mack with Tom Carter (2001)
Merle Haggard
For The Record
  Merle Haggard, Tom Carter (1999)
Milton Brown and the Founding of Western Swing
  Cary Ginell (1994)
Minnie Pearl's Diary
  Minnie Pearl (1953)
Minnie Pearl
An Autobiography
  Minnie Pearl with Joan Dew (1980)
Minstrel of the Applachians
The Story of Bascom Lamar Lunsford
  Loyal Jones (1984)
Mountaineer Jamboree
Country Music in West Virginia
  Ivan Tribe (1984)
Mountains of Music
  John Lilly (1999)
Mr. Songman
The Slim Whitman Story
  Kenneth L. Gibble (1982)
Music City Babylon
Inside The World Of Country Music
  Scott Faragher (1992)
Music in Rural New England
Family and Community Life 1870-1940
  Jennifer C. Post (2004)
Music Of American Folk Song
  Ruth Crawford Seeger; Larry Polansky; Judith Tick (2001)
Music of Bill Monroe
Music In American Life
  Neil V. Rosenberg; Charles K. Wolfe (2007)
Music of the Louvin Brothers: Heaven's Own Harmony
  Thomas L. Wilmeth (1999)
My House of Memories
For The Record
  Merle Haggard with Tom Carter (1999)
My Husband, Jimmie Rodgers
  Carrie Rodgers (1975)
My Years With Bob Wills
  Al Stricklin with Jon McConal (1976)
Nashville Chrome
  Rick Bass (2010)
Nashville Sound
  Joli Jensen (1998)
Nashville Sound: Authenticity, Commercialization, and Country Music
  Joli Jensen (1998)
Nashville Wives
  Mrs. George Jones and Tom Carter (1998)
Nashville's Unwritten Rules: Inside the Business of Country Music
  Dan Daley (1999)
Nashville: Music City USA
  John Lomax III (1985)
Never Ending Revival
Rounder Records and the Folk Alliance
  Michael F. Scully (2008)
No One to Cry To
A Long, Hard Ride into the Sunset with Foy Willing of The Riders of the Purple Sage
  Sharon Lee Willing (2006)
Not Just A Sound
The Story of WLW
  Dick Perry (1971)
Not Too Old To Cut The Mustard
Jumping Bill Carlisle and Friends
Talk about His Life
In the Country Music Business
  Anita Capps (2000)
Old As The Hills
The Story of Bluegrass Music
  Steven D. Price (1975)
Old Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes
  Jeff Todd Titon (2001)
Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory
  R.P. Christeson (Compiled and Edited By) (1973)
Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory
Volume 2
  R.P. Christeson (Compiled and Edited by) (1984)
Old-Time Music Makers of New York State
  Simon J. Bronner (1987)
On The Air ... with John Lair
  Ann Lair Hendeson, Compiled and Annotated By (1998)
One Armed Banjo Player
Early Years of Country Music with Emory Martin
  Linda Lou Martin (1991)
One Step over the Line: The Authorized Waylon Jennings Recording History, 1958-1993
  John L. Smith (1995)
Opry Stars of the 60's and 70's
  Les Leverett, Photo Essay (0)
Orange Blossom Boys:
The Untold Story of Ervin T Rouse, Chubby Wise and the World's Most Famous Fiddle Tune
  Randy Noles
Foreword by Marty Stuart, John Hartford (2002)
Our Own Sweet Sounds: A Celebration Of Popular Music In Arkansas
  Robert Cochran (2005)
Our Values: Stories and Wisdom
  Dale Evans Rogers (1997)
Pat Buttram
The Rocking Chair Humorist
  Sandra Grabman (2006)
Patsy Montana:
The Cowboy's Sweetheart
  Patsy Montana, Jane Frost (2002)
The LIfe and Times of Patsy Cline
  Margaret Jones (1999)
Pennsylvania Songs and Legends
  George Korson, Editor (1949)
Pickin' On Peachtree
  Wayne W. Daniel (1990)
Pictorial History Country Music Volume 1
  Edited and Produced by Thurston Moore (1969)
Pictorial History Country Music Volume 2
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Traditional Music, Dance and Folklore in West Virginia
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Playing By Heart
Leon Gibbs and the Millers Brothers Band
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Please Pass the Biscuits Pappy
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the Burridge D. Butler years
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Prairie Nights To Neon Lights
The Story of Country Music in West Texas
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Pressing On
The Roni Stoneman Story
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The Charley Pride Story
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Public Cowboy No. 1
The Life and Times of Gene Autry
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Radio's 'Kentucky Mountain Boy' Bradley Kincaid
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Ragged But Right
The Life & Times of George Jones
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Ramblin' Man
Short Stories From The Life of Hank Williams
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Ramblin' Man
The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie
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The Life and Career of Rose Maddox
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The Life & Songs of Charlie Poole
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Real Patsy Cline
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Rednecks and Bluenecks
The Politics of Country Music
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Remembering Patsy
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Remembering the Ozark Jubilee
  Reta Spears-Stewart with John Dilbeck (1993)
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The Sagebrush Heroes Of The Sound Screen
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The Johnny Cash Reader
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River Of No Return
Tennessee Ernie Ford And The Woman He Loved
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Roadkill On The Three Chord Highway
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Rough Mix
An Unapologetic Look At The Music Business And How It Got That Way
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Roy Acuff's Nashville
The Life and Good Times of Country Music
  Roy Acuff with William Neely (1983)
Roy Acuff
The Smoky Mountain Boy
  Elizabeth Schlappi (1978)
Roy Clark
My Life In Spite of Myself
  Marc Eliot (1994)
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
It Was Always The Music
  Eric Van Hamersveld (2004)
Rubbin' Elbows
  Dick Deno (2002)
Rural Roots Of Bluegrass
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Saddle Serenaders
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San Antonio Rose
The Life and Music of Bob Wills
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Saturday Nights At The Opry With Daddy
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Seeds of Man
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Settin' The Woods on Fire
Confessions of Hank's Steel Guitar Player
  Don Helms as told to Dale Vinicur (2005)
Sing a Sad Song
The Life of Hank Williams
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Sing Me Back Home My Story By Merle Haggard
  Peggy J. Russell (1981)
Sing Me Back Home
Love, Death and Country Music
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Sing Your Heart Out Country Boy
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Singin' Fiddler of Lost Hope Hollow
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Singing Cowboy Stars
The Guys, The Gals, The Sidekicks
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The History of the Singing Cowboy
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Singing The Glory Down
Amateur Gospel Music in South Central Kentucky
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The Martha Carson Story
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A Price Guide To Movie Cowboy Collectibles
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Country Music's Struggle for Respectability, 1939-1954
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Country Folk and Country Ways
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An Intimate Look At Country Music
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A Legacy In Country Music
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Songs of the Cowboys
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The Stories Behind America's Best-Loved Patriotic Songs
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Sounds of Cincinnati
(Images of America: Ohio )
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South to Louisiana
The Music of the Cajun Bayous
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By Radio's Midnight Cowboy
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A Complete Guide for Students, Teachers and Callers
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John Lair and Sarah Gertrude Knott
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An Autobiography
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The Story of Hank & Audrey Williams
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A Case Against Modern Country Music
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Story Behind the Hank Williams Commemorative Stamp
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Story of Paul Bigsby
Father Of The Modern Electric Solidbody Guitar
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String Bands in the North Carolina Piedmont
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Stutterin' Boy
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Sunshine and Shadow
Jan Howard: My Story
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Book of Favorite Hymns
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The Story of Country Music In Tennessee
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A Two-Step Circuit
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Texas Signs On
The Early Days of Radio and Television
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That Half-Barbaric Twang
The Banjo in American Popular Culture
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That's The Truth If I've Ever Told It
Bashful Brother Oswald
The Life and Times of Roy Acuff's Right-Hand Man
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Forty Years of Broadcasting
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The Life and Times of James G. Buchanan
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The Statler Bros.
Random Memories
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These Shoes Are Killin' Me
The Duke of Paducah's Joke Book
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Thirty Years of Sausage, Fifty Years of Ham
Jimmy Dean's Own Story
  Donna Meade Dean and Jimmy Dean (2004)
Three Chords and the Truth
Hope, Heartbreak, and Changing Fortunes in Nashville
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To Live's Not To Fly - The Ballad of the Late Great Townes Van Zandt
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Tommy Hunter
My Story
  Tommy Hunter with Liane Heller (1985)
Tougher'n A Boot
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Traveling the Highway Home
Ralph Stanley and the World
Of Traditional Bluegrass Music
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True Adventures with the King of Bluegrass
Jimmy Martin
  Tom Piazza, Marty Stuart - foreword (1999)
True Life Stories about 'The Voice' Vern Gosdin
  Dr. Gerald Murray (2007)
Truth Is Stranger Than Publicity
Alton Delmore's Autobiography
  Alton Delmore (1977)
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  Malcolm Claire (1940)
Tune-In Tales Uncle Mal's Own Story Book
  Malcolm Claire (1939)
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Two Dollars At The Door
Folk, Ethnic and Bluegrass Music In The Northwest
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The Gospel Music Encyclopedia
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Universal-international Westerns, 1947-1963
The Complete Filmography
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First Star of Country Music
  Jack Palmer
Discography by Robert Olson
Foreword by Hank Thompson (2005)
View From Nashville
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An Annotated Discorgraphy
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Radio, Music, and Textile Strikes, 1929-1934
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Watermelon Wine
The Spirit of Country Music
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A Biography
  R. Serge Denisoff (1983)
An Autobiography
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WBT Briarhoppers
Eight Decades of a Bluegrass Band Made For Radio
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We're the Light Crust Doughboys from Burrus Mil
An Oral History
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When the Fiddle Was King
  Ron Yule (2006)
Whiskey River (Take My Mind)
The True Story of Texas Honky-Tonk
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An Autobiography
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Whispering Pines: The Northern Roots of American Music from Hank Snow to The Band
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Whorehouse Bells Were Ringing and Other Songs Cowboys Sing
  Guy Logsdon (1995)
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Country Music In America
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Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
The Carter Family and Their Legacy in American Music
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  Don Cusic, Editor (1995)
An Autobiography
  Willie Nelson with Bud Shrake (1988)
Wings Of The Dove
The Story Of Gospel Music In America
  Lois S. Blackwell; Intro by Brock Speer (1978)
Winners Got Scars Too
The Life and Legends of Johnny Cash
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With Fiddle and Well-Rosined Bow
Old-Time Fiddling in Alabama
  Joyce H. Cauthen (1989)
Women of Country Music
A Reader
  Charles K. Wolfe and James K. Akenson, Editors (2003)
Wonderful Life and Times of
Bud Moore and His
Hillsdale Hillbillies
  John Moore (2005)
Woody Guthrie
A Life
  Joe Klein (1980)
Woody, Cicso & Me
  Jim Longhi (1997)
Workin' Man Blues
Country Music in California
  Gerald W. Haslam (1999)
Working Girl Blues
The Life and Music of Hazel Dickens
  Hazel Dickens and Bill C. Malone (2008)
Y'All Come
  Arlie Duff (1983)
The History of Yodeling Around The World
  Bart Plantenga (2004)
You Are My Sunshine
  Gus Weill (1987)
You Gotta Be Bad Before You Can Be Good
  Cliffie Stone with Joan Carol Stone; Victor Muschetto (Photographer) (1999)
You Wrote My Life
Lyrical Themes in Country Music
  Edited by Melton A. McLaurin; Richard A. Peterson (1992)
You're So Cold I'm Turnin' Blue
Guide To The Greatest In Country Music
  Martha Hume (1982)
Your Cheatin' Heart
A Biography of Hank Williams
  Chet Flippo (1985)