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A Biography
By R. Serge Denisoff
University of Tennessee Press
375 Pages
ISBN:  0-87049-387-6

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From his earliest recordings to recent hits such as the album WW II, the haunting baritone of Jennings has marked him as at extraordinary and individualistic country music artist. This lively book describes Waylon's rise from the cotton fields of Texas to stardom in Music City. The abundant illustrations provide a photographic who's who of the popular music scene from the fifties to the early seventies.

Waylon Jennings was born in the West Texas Panhandle and entered the music industry as a boy. He performed and worked as a radio announcer before his fourteenth birthday. eventually working in Lubbock, Texas, where he became the protege of rock star Buddy Holly. After Holly's death. Waylon was signed by Trend 61, then A&M Records and later, in 1965, by Chet Atkins of RCA.

The singer's storms associates rion with RCA, poor Management, and years of hardship on the road turned him into a "telecaster outlaw" challenging Music City's recording empire. He became perhaps the key figure in an outlaw fad that was spurred by cultural and economic forces within and beyond the Nashville scene, and in 1976 his release Outlaws became the first platinum album in the history of country music.

The Author
R. Serge Denisoff is professor of sociology at Bowling Green State University and the author of Solid Gold: The Popular Recosdzng Industry and other books dealing with music.


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