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Folks, we have come across a lot of photos over time as our collection has grown and you may or may not be shocked, but we don't always get information as to who the people in those pictures were - whether it be their stage names or their real names.

We're adding this section as a way for you the fans to share your knowledge and be a part of the history we document.

On a regular basis, we will post a picture or two and ask if you know the person(s) in the picture and ask you to let us know. Simple as that.

We'll keep a separate section of the pictures we got feedback from to identify someone and give you credit for helping us out. And we'll keep a photo listed until someone does identify them. If you prefer to be anonymous - let us know and we'll just say a friend of the site let us know who the person was.

That may lead to us getting a writeup done on the identified artist. And you'll have the pleasure of knowing you helped document the history of hillbilly music.

Simply click on the link under the picture which will open an email for you to send your guess / information.

And as Ernest Tubb might say, "Thanks a Lot...!"

Hillbilly Music - Who Is In That Photo?

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