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Tougher'n A Boot
By Buster Jenkins
Leathers Publishing
117 Pages
ISBN:  1-58597-154-5

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BUSTER JENKINS, a Man to follow down the "Journey of Life," but few are able to.

I met Buster nearly 55 years ago when we were both invited to a party by our girlfriends. He brought along his guitar and I also brought mine. We became friends, and I'm proud to say he has been a loyal and true friend through the years.

At an early age, Buster said he wanted two things in his life — he wanted to go to sea and he wanted to be a fiddle player. He has set these goals and more than fulfilled them.

As a small boy, he was entertaining classmates and friends in a one-room country school. That was the beginning of a long and successful journey through a musical career that brought him success and provided happiness to a lot of people. He's a country musician as well as a bluegrass musician and plays about any instrument that has strings on it. He is a Master Showman, MC and Comedian. He can do it all.

On a personal note, he introduced me to bluegrass music many years ago, for which I am very grateful. He was the first person I had ever seen play a five-string banjo. I'm pleased to see him write this book, for now he can add successful author to his many achievements. I guess if he decides to run for Governor, he'll get my vote! For the many things that happened to him while at sea and his journey and climb in the music industry, you'll just have to read the book.

He has been a friend to my family and me for many years, and I wish him much success in this new venture and anything else he might decide to do. GO GET'EM, BUS!

—Jack Theobald


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