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Country Music Comin' Home
By James C. Hefley
Hannibal Book
267 Pages
ISBN:  0-92929-227-8

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Few people can refute the influence of music on society. Country Music Comin' Home gives an overview of the Country music industry and its return to traditional family and moral values.

Author James C. Hefley takes into account the history and the people that have made Country music into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. From Jimmie Rogers to Randy Travis, from the early days to the present, from "The Wabash Cannonball" to "Forever and Ever, Amen," from Nashville, Tennessee to Branson, Missouri, Hefley illustrates how Country music has permeated society for generations.

Hefley maintains that "the heart of traditional Country music lies in the simple, life-sustaining faith of the people."

"Born in choir lofts and town halls across rural America, Country music is part of our national heritage," he writes.

Country Music Comin' Home claims that once again the songs are reflecting the "beliefs of the people: life is hard but sometimes funny; love is sweet and parting bitter; death is certain and often tragic; God is real and heaven everlasting."

Hefley also shows the corrupting influence of New York and Hollywood in trashing faith and traditional values in the industry. He notes, for example, that a TV network once canceled Johnny Cash after Cash told his audience that he was a Christian.

Many Country music artists and comedians share their personal beliefs. For example, Hefley quotes Cash as stating: "God is the strength of my being. He gave me all I have." In the book, Larry Gatlin says, "Having a God-given talent with which to touch and help others is more precious than gold . . . my kids can say their daddy stood for something." Connie Smith tells: "My life began when I chose Jesus and became God's child. He grows sweeter and sweeter. I gave up my music. It had become a curse in my life, but when I gave my heart to Jesus, he gave my music right back to me." And Ricky Skaggs relates, "The Lord is using country music to speak morals, wisdom, truth and righteous lifestyle to people . . . I want to keep the traditional music alive."

In these pages, readers will find the tears and the talents, the tragedies and triumphs of the stars who are bringing Country music back full circle to speak to people's simple faith.

James C. "Jim" Hefley is author of more than 50 books, including his popular "Way Back" series about life in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas and Missouri. He lives in Hannibal, Missouri.


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