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Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory
By R.P. Christeson (Compiled and Edited By)
University of Missouri Press
208 Pages
ISBN:  0-8262-0439-2

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Fiddle music is a firm part of the American folk tradition, yet little has been available in formal notation. This collection, based on recordings and notes made by R.P. Christeson over three decades, offers reliable scores for 245 traditional fiddle tunes as played by artists in the Midlands and Southwest.

In this volume Christeson presents the scores for traditional tunes as played by 33 different fiddlers from nine states. Many of the tunes, divided into categories of breakdowns, waltzes, quadrilles, and "pieces", have never been published nor appeared on commercial recordings.

About the Author:
R.P. Christeson is a Civil Service retiree of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and an alumnus of the University of Missouri at Columbia. He began his collection of commercial recordings of fiddle music in 1933 and started making live field recordings in 1947. Always in search of the least-altered version of a fiddle tune, Christeson traveled the country to fiddlers' contests and visited individual fiddlers to record their music. This book is born out of his belief that the traditional folk arts of the American people should be preserved and documented while still possible.


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