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Wonderful Life and Times of
Bud Moore and His
Hillsdale Hillbillies
By John Moore
Moore Brothers Publication
119 Pages

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This collection of pictures and stories on the life of Bud Moore is dedicated to the many thousands of friends, fans and acquaintances that he has made over the years through his music. Dad has always been keenly aware of just how important the audience is, so in reality this is partly your book. As you turn through the pages we hope that it will not only entertain you but that it will bring back some wonderful memories that you may have of growing up with Bud Moore and his Hillsdale Hillbillies. I know as we looked through the overwhelming amount of pictures and stories while putting this together, it brought back many fond memories for me and it was enjoyable learning about many of the details in dad's life that I didn't know.

As of this writing in the year 2005, dad is approaching his 87th birthday and is still entertaining audiences around the country. His career has spanned more than 75 years. It is not only a wonderful testimony to his personal dedication as a performer, but also to his durability as an entertainer. Year after year many new and old fans continue to come see and hear his down to earth style of music and comedy.

The hardest decision to make in assembling this book was what to leave out. There were hundreds of pictures, newspaper clippings and stories to tell that it would have taken several books to include them all. So in narrowing it down to a readable size we barely scratched the surface, but we trust that it will still make enjoyable reading for you.

I sincerely hope this book brings a little joy to your life and helps you reminisce about the good old days of country music. And as you look at the pictures and read some of the stories on the life and times of Bud Moore and his Hillsdale Hillbillies, remember that you had a very important part in this history. Some of you or maybe your parents were there at the early shows and square dances that they played way back in the 30's. ANd many of you tuned in on the Radio or TV in the 40's and 50's to enjoy their shows. And even now many of you still come back over and over each year, to be a part of his shows in and around central Pennsylvania, to see and hear just one more time a local living legend. To you we dedicate this book.

—John Moore


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