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Man Comes Around
The Spiritual Journey Of Johnny Cash
By Dave Urbanski
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209 Pages
ISBN:  0-9729276-7-0

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Who was Johnny Cash? Rock star? Preacher? Drug addict? Saint? In truth, the Man in Black lived long and hard enough to embody all of these—and much more. He was a musical legend, a one-of-a-kind communicator, an American icon—but someone that could never be pigeonholed.

Cash's faith in God was no different: "I'm still a Christian, as I have been all my life," he once said. "Beyond that I get complicated." Cash's faith was raw, challenged, broken, and messy. But it was real. Unlike any other book written about Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around chronicles with vivid details the highs and lows that took place during this man's life-long spiritual journey. It illuminates the deep, unending love he had for his music, his wife, and his God.

Painstakingly researched and adorned with vivid, narrative detail, The Man Comes Around shows the impact this American legend has made not only in American music, but in eternity. After hearing his story, you'll never hear his music the same again.

Dave Urbanski is a writer, music critic, and editor. After receiving his master's degree in English and American Literature, he spent several years writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Chicago Tribune. He then became editor of Youthworker Jorunal and is now book development director at Youth Specialites, Inc., which provides resources for Christian youth pastors.


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