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Roy Clark
My Life In Spite of Myself
By Marc Eliot
Simon & Schuster
224 Pages
ISBN:  0-671-86434-3

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Roy Clark, for years host of TV's "Hee-Haw" and one of country music's most enduring stars, tells the story of his life and career, with behind-the-scenes looks at the people who influenced him, helped him, and sometimes got in the way.

He's known to millions of television viewers worldwide as the affable, happy, occasionally corny host of TV's phenomenally successful show "Hee-Haw." What they don't know is the man behind the jokester, the serious, dedicated musician who worked hard at his craft, creating a style of playing that made him unique among country stars.

In My Life—In Spite of Myself, Roy Clark recounts his journey from a boyhood in a small town in Virginia to growing up in Washington, D.C., where in the 1940s and early 1950s, this talented guitar and banjo player would earn a living and eventually make a name for himself. What started as a way of making pocket money has evolved into one of the most successful careers in country music history. In addition to playing with many of the greats of the Grand Ole Opry, Roy Clark has had a successful career as a recording artists all on his own.

Today he is best known as the host of "Hee-Haw," a spot he filled for 24 incredible years. And in addition to the TV show, now in syndication in more than 150 markets across the country, Clark performs at his own showplace in Branson, Missouri, the town that has become the unofficial center of country music in America today. In 1982, Clark became the first "name" performer to establish his own club in Branson, where he performs from April through November, selling out twice daily virtually every seat of his 1,500-seat theater.

Clark's story is more than just an autobiography—it is truly a Horatio Alger tale of struggle and perseverance and eventual success...BIG TIME! And you love him every step of the way.

About the Author
Marc Eliot is the author of a number of books in the entertainment field, including Down Thunder Road and Walt Disney, Hollywood's Dark Prince. He lives in Los Angeles, California.


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