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Come on in folks. Sit yourself down a spell and get ready for some fun. You're going to go browsing through our database of artists and groups. You'll get to see what shows they were a part of, the career honors they've received, the recordings they've made (where we can find the information) as well as some tidbits about them. And if that isn't enough, occasionally we'll find other websites who can give you a whole lot more than we can hear, especially the fan clubs and fans who've dedicated a few pages to the artist and/or group or a whole site to them.

Click on a letter at the top of the page. The next thing you will see is a list of artists whose last name begins with that letter. From there, just click on a name you're interested in reading about.

We're constantly adding information as we find it. We don't expect this site will ever be called 'complete'. Call it a hobby. Call it a scavenger hunt. But more than anything, its fun and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

Birthdays on this date
 Chaw Mank September 30, 1902 
 Blythe Poteet September 30, 1909 
 Jerry Scoggins September 30, 1911 
  Old Brother Charlie September 30, 1913 
 Ralph Vavra September 30, 1915 
 Shannon Grayson September 30, 1916 
  Arlee, The Girl From The Golden West September 30, 1919 
 Rex Parker September 30, 1921 
 Smokey Pleacher September 30, 1921 
 Roy Parks September 30, 1925 
 Inez LaCroix (La Dell Sisters) September 30, 1931 
 Alice Brammer September 30, 1935 
 Lonnie Lynne September 30, 1935 
 Marty Stuart September 30, 1958 

Deaths on this Date
  Fiddlin' Sheepherder September 30, 1950 
 Claude Sharpe September 30, 1969 
 Mary Ford September 30, 1977 
 Colleen Summers September 30, 1977 
 Robert Gardner September 30, 1978 
 Dexter Johnson September 30, 1990 
 Tex Grooms September 30, 2005 
 Josh Graves September 30, 2006 
 Ramblin' Tommy Scott September 30, 2013 
 Betty Amos September 30, 2021 
Appearances on this Date
September 30, 1935
Clinton, IL
Clintonia Theatre
WLS On Parade

Play Party Girls

Cousin Chester Gunnels

Billy Woods

Cumberland Ridge Runners

September 30, 1935
Columbus, MS
Columbus Radius Fair
WLS National Barn Dance

Sterling (Buster) Simonds

Polly Jenkins and her Musical Plowboys

Tom Corwine

Barn Dance Band (WLS)

September 30, 1936
Bangor, MI
Bangor Apple Show
WLS Merry-Go-Round

Joe Kelly

Pat Buttram

Verne, Lee and Mary

Tom Corwine

Four Hired Hands

September 30, 1936
Dawson Springs, KY
Strand Theatre
WLS National Barn Dance

Prairie Ramblers

Patsy Montana

Winnie, Lou and Sally

Chuck and Ray

Billy Woods

September 30, 1936
Erie, PA
Park Theatre
WLS National Barn Dance

September 30, 1953
Amherst, NS

Grandpa Jones

September 30, 1953
Laurel, MS

Minnie Pearl

September 30, 1954
Binkley, AR

Hank Snow and The Rainbow Ranch Boys

September 30, 1954
Centerville, IA

September 30, 1955
Bostonia, CA
Bostonia Ballroom

Smokey Rogers

September 30, 1955
Compton, CA
Town Hall
The Town Hall Party

Wes and Marilyn Tuttle

Merle Travis

Quincy Snodgrass

Tex Ritter

Mary Jane Johnson

Freddie Hart

Lefty Frizzell

Sandy and Alvadean Coker

Bobby Charles

Les (Carrot Top) Anderson

Johnny Bond

September 30, 1955
Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Plaza Hotel
Westerner Room

Andy Parker and the Plainsmen

September 30, 1955
Indianapolis, IN

Little Jimmy Dickens

September 30, 1955
Los Angeles, CA
Western Varieties

Doye O'Dell

Gail Moser

Homer Garrett and his Y Knot Twirlers

Eddie Dean

Jimmy Widener

Tex Williams

Charlie Aldrich

September 30, 1955
Sacramento, CA
Wills Point

Johnnie Lee Wills

Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys


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