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Come on in folks. Sit yourself down a spell and get ready for some fun. You're going to go browsing through our database of artists and groups. You'll get to see what shows they were a part of, the career honors they've received, the recordings they've made (where we can find the information) as well as some tidbits about them. And if that isn't enough, occasionally we'll find other websites who can give you a whole lot more than we can hear, especially the fan clubs and fans who've dedicated a few pages to the artist and/or group or a whole site to them.

Click on a letter at the top of the page. The next thing you will see is a list of artists whose last name begins with that letter. From there, just click on a name you're interested in reading about.

We're constantly adding information as we find it. We don't expect this site will ever be called 'complete'. Call it a hobby. Call it a scavenger hunt. But more than anything, its fun and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

Birthdays on this date
 Zeb Turner June 23, 1915 
 Alice Joyce June 23, 1925 
 June Carter June 23, 1929 

Deaths on this Date
 Romaine Lowdermilk June 23, 1970 
 Ted Lundy June 23, 1980 
  Arkansas Woodchopper June 23, 1981 
 Ebie Kittleson June 23, 1987 
 Morrie Jones June 23, 2005 
Appearances on this Date
June 23, 1935
Chilton, WI
Sponsored by Calument Co. Cheese Makers Association

Cumberland Ridge Runners

June 23, 1935
Lowell, IN
Ritz Theatre

Rhythm Russlers

June 23, 1935
St. Cloud, MN
Paramount Theatre
WLS National Barn Dance (1935 Edition)

Flannery Sisters

Three Neighbor Boys

June 23, 1936
Sullivan, IN
Lyric Theatre
WLS Barn Dance

Prairie Ramblers

Patsy Montana

Tom Corwine

Bill McCluskey

June 23, 1937
Kendallville, IN
Strand Theatre
WLS National Barn Dance (1937 Edition)

Patsy Montana

Prairie Ramblers

Pat Buttram

Billy Woods

June 23, 1937
Wilmington, OH
Murphy Theatre
WLS National Barn Dance

Hoosier Sod Busters

Girls Of The Golden West

Bill McCluskey

Hayloft Fiddlers

June 23, 1954
Cleveland, OH

Lonzo & Oscar

Goldie Hill

June 23, 1972
7 Points, TX

Johnny Paycheck

June 23, 1972
Anchorage, AK

Ernest Tubb and The Texas Troubadours

June 23, 1972
Baltimore, MD

Del Reeves

June 23, 1972
Bangor, ME

Dottie West

June 23, 1972
Bowling Green, KY

Pee Wee King and The Golden West Cowboys

June 23, 1972
Elwood, IN

Dave Dudley

June 23, 1972
Gatlinburg, TN

Jeannie Seely

Jack Greene

June 23, 1972
Knoxville, TN

Wayne Kemp

June 23, 1972
Las Vegas, NV

Roy Clark

June 23, 1972
Millington, TN

Narvel Felts

June 23, 1972
New Orleans, LA

Jerry Clower

June 23, 1972
Newberry, FL

Roy Drusky

June 23, 1972
Newport, TN

Osborne Brothers

Waylon Jennings

June 23, 1972
Omaha, NE

Stoneman Family

Jim Ed Brown

Margie Bowes

June 23, 1972
Remsen, NY

Blake Emmons

June 23, 1972
Salem, VA

Johnnie Wright

Kitty Wells

June 23, 1972
Sedalia, MO

Leroy Van Dyke

June 23, 1972
Tewskburty, MA

Dick Curless


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