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Disc Jockeys / Emcees
Disc Jockeys and Emcees played a role in the programs back then, whether it be on the radio or at the live barn dances or jamborees or even the travelling road shows or tent shows.

They set the tone by their way of speaking, their voices, the way the audiences accepted them. Sometimes becoming as much a star as the artists and groups they told us about. Back then when radio was king, they became a part of the family as they would gather around to listen to the shows.

We'd be willing to bet that even today, many of you would admit to some way the radio and the music affected your life somewhere along the way. We grew up listening to an old pocket sized transistor radio, sometimes putting it underneath our pillow and tuning in late night to WSM in Nashville where Ralph Emery was broadcasting instead of falling asleep when school was the next morning. Even earlier, got to listen to a local DJ named Uncle Len (Ellis) who was on WJOB in Hammond, Indiana back then and later, in college, when he was on WLJE in Valparaiso, Indiana. If my memory is okay, Uncle Len hosted quite a few 'package' shows back then at the Hammond Civic Center that Hammond Tech and Hammond High Schools shared. And began a lifelong fascination and love for this hillbilly music.

Wonder how many of these names you remember? Why not ask your parents or grandparents? Listen to them... and watch them smile as they remember...

DJ / Emcee Name
Radio Station(s)
Rosalie Allen
Horace Logan
Joe Allison
Bill McCluskey
Dick Anderson
Ed McLemore
Hugh Aspinwall
George Menard
(Lucky) Lon Backman
Dave Miller
Ken Berryhill
Carl (The Squeakin' Deacon) Moore
George C. Biggar
Lee Moore
Edgar Bill
Uncle Tom More
Randy Blake
Jack Morrow
Lowell Blanchard
Bob Neal
Nelson Bragg
Art Nelson
Johnny Brent
Hal O'Halloran
Cousin Louie Buck
Rich Osborn
Gene Carr
Don Owens
Howard Chamberlain
Walter (Pat) Patterson
Don Chapman
Tom Perryman
Porky Charbonneau
Bert (Foreman) Phillips
Hugh Cherry
Mozelle Phillips
Steve Cisler
Tracy Pitcox
Malcolm Claire
Jody Rainwater
Casey Clark
Jim Reeves
Cottonseed Clark
Pee Wee Reid
Ted Clark
Ed Reimers
Lew Clawson
Dudley Richards
Uncle Charlie Clifton
Hi Roberts
Grady Cole
Ralph Rogers
Biff Collie
Norman Ross
T. Tommy Cutrer
Joe Rumore
Howard Donahoe
Harold Safford
Charlie Douglas
Ernie Sanders
Joe Edison
Ramblin' Lou Schriver
Mark Edwards
Stan Scott
Uncle Len Ellis
Paul Simpkins
Ralph Emery
Smokey Smith
Milton Estes
Billy Starr
Wally Fowler
Roy Stingley
Herald Goodman
Cliffie Stone
Johnny Harper
David Stone
George D. (The Solemn Ole Judge) Hay
Arthur (Tiny) Stowe
Happy Herb Hayworth
Texas Bill Strength
Cousin Herb Henson
 Sunshine Sue
Johnny Hicks
Lee Sutton
Hiram Higsby
Tommy Sutton
Smilin' Eddie Hill
Pleas Taylor
Jack Holden
Bill Thall
Don Hopkins
Texas Bill Thomas
Joe Hoppel
Honest John Trotter
Pappy Hal Horton
Al Turner
Herb Howard
Grant Turner
(Tater) Pete Hunter
Happy Wainwright
Bob Jennings
Charlie Walker
Tex Justus
Jimmy Walker
Joe Kelly
Johnny Western
Nelson King
Roy Whisnand
John Lair
Stan Widney
Chris Lane
Slim Willet
Don Larkin
Marc Williams
Famous Lashua
Woody Wooddell


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