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When a hillbilly sings ... what he is singing is the hopes and prayers and dreams of what some call the common people.
  Hank Williams
From the book 'Stars of Country Music' - Hank Williams chapter by Roger Williams; Edited by Bill C. Malone and Judith McCulloh; 1975

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Aug 16, 2014 Ed Wallace, 90, Last Surviving Member of Sunshine Boys
Aug 8, 2014 Georgia Mae, The Girl With The White Guitar And Triple Yodel, Dies At 93
Jul 25, 2014 Vivian Burke of Smokey Mountain Girls Passes Away at 90
Jul 23, 2014 Obituary for George Riddle
Jul 19, 2014 Russ Garner, Country Music Singer Passes in Crawford, Nebraska
Jan 11, 2014 Hillbilly-Music.com - Top Pages Viewed Summary - 2013

Hillbilly Heaven Roll Call 2013

In 2013, while we may have lost their voices, their music, history and memories will live on for us to enjoy. Remember those who left our earthly stage for Hillbilly Heaven in 2013 ...

Patti Page
Shorty Holloway
Rex Trailer
Eddie Burns
John Penny
Tony Douglas
James Renfro (Renfro Brothers)
Gary Robichaud
Patricia MacNab (Smile Sisters)
Nellie Brown
Peggy Clark
Claude King
Sammy Masters
Jack Greene
Hardrock Gunter
Gordon Stoker
George Jones
Tom Tall
Slim Whitman
Ruth Johnson
Darlene M. Adam (Friendly Hi-Neighbor Girl)
Joey Gills
Tompall Glaser
Marvin Rainwater
Ramblin' Tommy Scott
Cal Smith
Johnnie White
Leon Ashley
Jimmy Collie
Ray Price
Johnny Sibert

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Yes, Hillbilly Music. You may perhaps wonder why. You may even snicker. But trust us, soon your feet will start tappin' and before you know it, you'll be comin' back for more...Hillbilly Music.

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Just because it's history, doesn't mean we don't find or hear about something new. Our recent updates include:

Dusty Owens - Dusty Owens Dusty tells us about his career in his own words.
Early Michigan & Iowa years
WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic

Country Music
The way you remember it!

Randy Blake Randy Blake - Over the years we've done this web site, one of the early disc jockeys has always seemed to generate a fair amount of emails from fans that remember listening to him over the radio. His real name was Harold Winston but you knew him as Randy Blake, the longtime host of WJJD's Suppertime Frolics show. DJs such as Mr. Blake helped promote hillbilly music and continued its growth in popularity as it transifitioned from live radio shows to spinning records. We hope his fans will enjoy our attempt to document his career.

Ray Griff Ray Griff - We have had the pleasure of exchanging emails with Ray Griff, a native of Canada who lived in Music City for over three decades. His first musical endeavor was with the hometown Winfield Amateurs. He has had over 850 cuts of his songs by numerous artists as you will find in his biography. He has been elected to the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and Hall of Honour. Today, you can still hear Ray doing a weekly radio show from Calgary, Canada.

Dolph Hewitt Dolph Hewitt - Early on he was known as "The Boy From the Hills of Pennsylvania". Growing up, he learned to play the fiddle to occupy his idle time from the family farm chores. He turned to music as a career when as the eldest of nine siblings, he had to help support the family. He became one of the headliners on the famed WLS National Barn Dance in Chicago. He married one of the Johnson sisters, Ruth. When WLS was sold and was turning to a new music format, Dolph took over the reigns of the show and moved it to WGN where it was heard on the radio as well as a television show.

Leodie Jackson Leodie Jackson - While we have not been able to document his career as much as we would have liked, we are partial to the steel guitar players who have long played a role in the distinctive sounds in many country music recordings. Leodie was one of those early steel guitar pioneers. Born in Oklahoma, he found his way out west and we discovered him in a collection of old photos. He was on the Los Angeles / Hollywood country music scene for a time.

Embert Mishler Embert Mishler - Embert had his own 15-minute radio show when he was just fifteen years old over KFJB in Marshalltown, Iowa. He later become one of the stars of the WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic out of Des Moines. His later career took him to Denver where he had his own TV show called the T Bar V Ranch Show over KFEL-TV. By the 1960s, he was entertaining audiences in Las Vegas.

Cliff Warren Cliff Warren - The Yodeling Cowboy from Waterbury, Connecticut's musical journey took him to places far and wide. He appeared on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts show. He appeared in the movie 'Swing Your Partner'. He found work on radio stations KOAI and KTSA in San Antonio, Texas in the late 1940s. He met up with Gordon Jenkins while visiting family and friends back in his hometown who got him a Coral Records recording contract.

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