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Honky Tonk Gospel
The Story of Sin and Salvation in Country Music
By Gene Edward Veith and Thomas L. Wilmeth
Baker Books
188 Pages
ISBN:  0-8010-6355-8

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The worldview of Christianity-specifically, the battle between human sin and God's grace-is a recurring theme in country music, a genre that is fast becoming one of the most popular American music styles.

In this intriguing cultural analysis, the authors explore the intense spiritual tensions and differing values that emerge so clearly in contemporary country music by examining its history, selected artists, and themes. Most important, Honky-Tonk Gospel answers a compelling question: How is it that country artists can sing about a Saturday night bash at a honky-tonk and then turn around and extol the praises of going to worship on Sunday?

As the authors point out, the country music worldview is large enough to encompass both sin and grace. In fact, country music is so appealing because it sings about almost every facet of life-hard times and all.


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