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David Stone in Sunset Valley
The Story of the KSTP Barn Dance
By Gerald Barfuss
J ames D. Thueson
95 Pages
ISBN:  0-911506-17-9

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Roy Acuff wrote:
"I cannot say enough good things about David Stone, he gets along with everybody and I respect him greatly. I never met a finer gentleman. He is most deserving of a book about his life and career.

David brought me to the Grand Ole Opry and started me with radio station WSM. We became very close friends. When he resided in Nashville, I am happy to say, I met all of David's family and especially remember his father, Carroll. David comes from a fine background and has a wonderful family of his own in St. Paul.

The most difficult time for my wife, Mildred, and me was when David and Elizabeth Stone left us to begin the Sunset Valley Barn Dance. We became very lonely. Harry, David's brother, continued as station manager which enabled us to maintain ties with David and Elizabeth and that helped us greatly.

Because he encouraged country entertainment throughout the Upper Midwest, David performed a great service for the residents of that area as well as for the performers.

Knowing what David stands for in the entertainment world, I don't think he will ever be replaced.

He is the dearest of friends. I wish him the very best."

David Stone is a living history of country music. Not a singer, he plays no instruments. Though witty, he is not a comedian. David is a broadcast announcer and has been such for nearly sixty years. Beginning Shi career in 1926 at LAC, Nashville, David progressed to become co-producer and announcer of WSM's Grand Ole Opry under the Solemn Old Judge, Opry creator George Dewey Hay.

David Stone is the man who brought Roy Acuff to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. With his introduction of Acuff, who would later become known as the "King of Country Music", David changed the direction of the country sound. Prior to Roy's appearance, the Grand Ole Opry was characterized by instrumental music. Acuff's group featured Roy as a singer and his acclaimed appearances began a trend towards vocals, the heart of country music today.

In bringing the call-letters of KSTP to folks in the north-central region by way of road show productions, David made the sound of country music an important part of the Upper Midwest's culture. As a master of ceremonies at countless non-broadcast events, David entertained, with wit and decency, in the Twin Cities area for many years.

This book is a tribute to a man who brought joy to thousands and, because he did, is owed a debt by country fans and performers alike.

About the Author:
A multi-talented person, Gerald Barfuss, age 40, pursues several interests. he contributes articles to periodicals, draws a comic strip for a regional publication, and works as a freelance illustrator and wood sculptor.

Jerry holds the Master of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota and teaches art in the Anoka-Hennepin (Minnesota) School District. He sings, plays guitar, mandolin and fiddle. Time permitting, he occasionally writes songs.

Jerry owns and operates a dairy farm near North Branch, Minnesota, with his wife, Karen and their children, Hayley, 13, and Justin, 9.

He wrote this book as a personal tribute to David Stone and the cast from Sunset Valley.


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