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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Smokey Mac and His Yellowstone Valley Boys
  Pat MacAdory
  W.W. MacBeth
  Hank MacDonald and The Roving Brakemen
  Hugh MacDonald
  Lee Mace
  Archie Mack
  Bill Mack
  Bob Mack
  Cy Mack and His Golden Valley Playboys
  Fred Mack and His Echo Valley Rangers
  Vonnie Mack
  Warner Mack
  Mack and Sandy
  Duncan MacKay
  Ken MacKenzie
  Norman Mackey and the Rambling Playboys
  Dorris Macon
  Uncle Dave Macon and Dorris Macon
  Uncle Dave Macon
  Uncle Dave Macon and His Fruit Jar Drinkers
  Johnny Maddox
  Rose Maddox
  Mary Madison
  Anna Mae
  Dottie Mae
  Ella Mae
  Erma Mae and her Melodiers
  Georgia Mae and her Buckaroos
  Ginger Mae
  Muriel Mae
  Maggie and Scottie Swan
  Tommy Magness and his Orange Blossom Boys
  George (Hillbilly) (George and Dixie) Mahoney
  Jack Mahoney
  J. E. Mainer
  Wade Mainer
  Wade Mainer and Zeke Morris
  Jack Major
  Bill C. Malone (Author) *
  Uncle Joe (Blind Joe) Mangrum
  Blind Joe Mangun and Fred Shribe
  Chaw Mank
  Bill Mankiss
  Archie Mann
  Carl Mann
  Kitty Mann
  Lorene Mann
  Ross Mann
  Zeke Manners
  Bob Manning
  Jack and Audrey Manning
  Linda Manning
  Dean Manuel
  Joe Manuel and The Louisiana Night Hawks
  Geraldine Mapes
  Joe Maphis
  Joe & Rose Lee Maphis
  Rose Lee (Rosalie) Maphis
  Susie Marcus
  Ernie (Sunflower Wrangler) Margheim
  Jean Marie
  Rita Marie
  Paul Marion
  Rusty Marion
  Slim Marion
  Tex Marks
  Morris (Sleepy) Marlin
  Frankie Mars
  Alonzo Marsh
  Eddie Marshall
  Jack Marshall
  Jimmy and Mac Marshall
  Joe Marshall and his Rovin' Ramblers
  Sagebrush Jim Marshall and His Gang
  Linda Martel
  Marty Martel
  Jean Martens (Sunshine Sisters
  Elinor Martens (Sunshine Sisters)
  Andrew Martin
  Asa Martin
  Asa Martin and Doc Roberts
  Benny Martin
  Billy Martin
  Bob Martin
  Bobby Martin
  Chase Martin
  Cliff Martin
  Coy Martin
  Dude Martin
  Eddie Martin
  Eddie Martin *
  Emory Martin *
  Grady Martin
  Janis Martin and the Marteens
  Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys
  Jimmy Martin and the Osborn Brothers
  Jimmy Martin
  Jo Ann Martin
  Joe Martin
  Judy Martin
  Mac Martin and The Dixie Travelers
  Marion Martin
  Marty Martin
  Nora Lou Martin
  Paul Martin
  Pokey Martin
  Pops Martin and The Coys
  Skeets Martin
  Troy Martin
  Wanda (Linda Lou) Martin
  Zeke Martin and His Prairie Pals
  Esther (Essie) Martin (Prairie Sweethearts) *
  Frank Marvin
  Frankie Marvin
  J. Marvin and Norman Brokenshire
  Johnny Marvin
  Johnny & Frankie Marvin
  Ken Marvin
  Mary Jayne
  Bob Mason
  Chuck Mason and Lynn Ramsay
  Dixie Mason *
  June Mason
  Patsy (The Yodeling Cowgirl) Mason
  Shorty Mason
  Wild Bill Mason
  Curt Massey
  Joe Massey and The Frontiersmen
  Louise Massey and The Westerners
  Louise Massey
  Sally Massey
  Johnnie Masters
  Sammy Masters
  Cactus Jack Matheny
  Blind Jack Mathis
  Johnny Mathis
  Andrew (Jack) Matthews
  Faust (Matt) Matthews
  Warren (Monty) Matthews
  William (Bill) Matthews
  Cecilia (Cricket) Mauri
  Edward (Pepper) Maust (Pappy and Pepper)
  Dean Maxedon
  John (Smilin' Red) Maxedon
  Roy (Smiley) Maxedon and the Okaw Valley Boys
  Smiley Maxedon and Okah Valley Boys
  Billie Maxwell
  Billy Maxwell
  Roy Lee (Smokey) May
  Flip Mayberry and His Sagebrush Troubadours
  Lullaby Lester Mayberry
  Tommy Mayersky
  June Mayes
  Shorty Mayes
  Chuck Mayfield
  Edd Mayfield
  Lola Mayfield
  Jimmy Maynard
  Ken Maynard
  Joe Mayo and his Western Ramblers
  Shorty Mays
  Slim Mays and his Buckaneers
  Melvin Mazy
  Jimmy McAbee and The Lazy River Boys
  Vic McAlpin
  Frank McArty
  Leon McAuliffe
  Leon McAuliffe and His String Band
  Dale McBride
  Dan McBride
  Dickie McBride and Village Boys
  Janet McBride
  Laura Lee McBride
  Darrell McCall
  David McCarn
  Tommy 'Slim' McCarthy
  Grace McCarthy (Ann, Pat and Judy) *
  Curly McCauley
  Ray McCay and the Swingbillies
  George (Banjo Murphy) McClees
  Jerry McClendon
  Harry (Haywire Mac) McClintock *
  O. B. McClinton
  John & Emery McClung
  Uncle Dale McClung and Aunt Ruth McClung
  Tim McClurg
  Bill McCluskey
  Bill McCluskey
  Burt McCollum
  Carl McConnell
  Ed McConnell
  Ed & Grace McConnell
  Alice (Ma) McCormick
  Clarence (Pa) McCormick
  George McCormick
  Luanita McCormick
  Wilmer McCormick
  Charlie McCoy
  Earl McCoy and Jesse Brock
  Earl McCoy and Alfred Meng-Garner
  George McCoy
  Joltin' Jim McCoy and the Melody Playboys
  Mary McCoy
  Otis and Daniel Sisters and McCoy
  Shorty McCoy and the Southern Playboys
  Williams McCoy
  Frank & James McCravy
  Marvin McCullough
  Ray (Mac) McCully
  Sonny McCumber
  Coy McDaniel
  Lewis McDaniel and Gid Smith
  Luke McDaniel
  John McDermott
  Charles McDill
  Aries McDonald *
  Gene McDonald and The Radio Ranch Hands
  Jean McDonald
  Jeannie McDonald
  Skeets McDonald
  Buddy McDowell
  Porter McDowell
  Rex McDowell
  Eddie McDuff
  Red River Dave McEnery
  Leonard McEwen
  Frank McFarland
  Lester McFarland
  Lester McFarland and Robert Gardner
  Don McFarlane
  Mack McGar and the Tennessee Mountaineers
  Dennis McGee and Ernest Fruge
  Dennis McGee
  Don McGee
  Elton (Western) (Horseface) McGee
  Kirk McGee
  Sam McGee
  Sam and Kirk McGee
  John McGhee and Frank Welling
  John McGhee
  Doug McGinnis
  Jimmie McGinnis
  Oscar McGooney
  Smilin' Jim McGraw
  Mac McGuire
  Marlene McHenry
  Sid McIlvain
  Lani McIntire and His Aloha Islanders
  Lani McIntire and His Hawaiians
  Catherine McKay
  Cliff McKay
  W. P. McKay
  Karen McKenzie
  Bob McKinnon
  Bob McKnight and and his Ranch Boys
  Ed McLemore
  Ron McLeod
  Slim McMahon
  Clayton McMichen and His Georgia Wildcats or His Melody Men
  Clayton McMichen
  Eddie McMullen and the Rainbow Mountain Boys
  Johnny McMullen and his Clinch Mountain Boys
  Tim McNamara
  Bob McNaughton and the Newbury Barn Dance Gang
  Harry (Luke) McNeley
  Pete McWilliams
  Uncle Homer Meachum
  Martha Mears
  Joyce and Lucy Meck
  Bill Medinger and the Playboys
  Joe Medows
  Jim Meehan
  Clair L. Meeking and the Cornhusker Gang
  Clair L. Meekins and His Oklahoma Home Folks
  Lonnie Meeks
  Eddie Mehler
  Fritz Meissner (Maple City Four) *
  Lew Mel and His City Slickers
  Howard 'The Singing Fireman of the Northern Pacific' Melaney
  Melody Ann
  Charlie (The French Harp King) Melton
  Memphis Bob
  Memphis Minnie
  George Menard
  Pee Wee Menard and the Trail Herders
  Rafael Mendez and Victor Young
  Rafael Mendez
  Woody Mercer
  Buddy Meredith and the Kota Cowboys
  Merle and Sally
  Buddy Merrill
  Ray Merrill
  Leon Merritt
  Neal Merritt
  Don Messer and his Islanders
  Bill Messick
  Bud Messner , Molly Darr and the Skyliners
  Buddy Messner and his Skyliners
  Bobby Metzel *
  Arline Wilfshire Meyers
  Bobby Meyers
  Willis Meyers and His Bar-X Ranch Boys
  Johnny Miccolis
  Danny Michaels and The Rebel Playboys
  Bill Middleton and his Farm and Home Hour Gang
  Danny Milburn
  Arthur Miles
  Lyle Miles
  Arvada Miller
  Charlie and Honey Miller
  Charlotte Miller
  Chuck Miller
  Clyde Miller *
  Curley Miller
  Darnell Miller
  Dave Miller
  David (The Blind Soldier) Miller
  Dusty Miller and his Colorado Wranglers
  Eddie Miller
  Emmett Miller
  Flavil (Flannels) Miller *
  Frankie Miller
  Gertrude Miller
  Hallie Miller
  Homer (Slim) Miller
  J. D. Miller
  Jimmy Miller and his Saddle Mates
  Johnny Miller and his Sunset Ramblers
  Joy Miller
  Jud Miller
  Lloyd Miller
  Lost John Miller
  Lou Miller
  Ned Miller
  Pee Wee (Pete) Miller *
  Ray Miller
  Ray Miller
  Roger Miller
  Ruth Miller
  Sonny Miller
  Tex Miller and Pals of the Plains
  Vivian Miller
  William Miller
  Lou Millet
  Millie and the Saddle Pals
  Alan Mills
  Gene 'Pee Wee' Mills and his Twilight Playboys
  Hank Mills
  Johnny Mills and the Rodeo Rangers
  Patti Faye Mims
  Slim Mims and the Dream Ranch Boys
  Jimmy Minor
  Slim Mirian
  Embert Mishler
  Miss Cecilie
  Miss Maudie
  Miss Pauline
  Mississippi Slim
  Charles Mitchell
  Curley Mitchell and His Ploughboys
  Fulton Mitchell
  Guy Mitchell
  Nancy Mitchell
  Paul Mitchell
  Priscilla Mitchell
  Russ Mitchell
  Tex Mitchell
  Earl Mitton
  Sunnie Mix
  Billy Mize
  Hank Mizell
  Sylvia Mobley
  Gene Moles
  Lou Mondon
  Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys *
  Birch Monroe
  Charlie Monroe
  Melissa Monroe
  Smiley Monroe
  Ken Montana
  Patsy Montana and The Prairie Ramblers
  Patsy Montana
  Montana Matt
  Montana Mel and the Sunset Pioneers
  Montana Paul
  Montana Ray
  Montana Slim
  Lou Monte
  Marvin (Smokey) Montgomery
  Melba Montgomery
  Rev. C.D. Montgomery
  Clyde Moody and his Woodchoppers
  Clyde Moody and the Brown's Ferry Four
  Oklahoma Ed Moody
  Ralph (Uncle Abner) Moody
  Tex Moon
  Ralph Mooney
  A.B. Moore and Earl Woods
  Bob Moore
  Bonnie Lou Moore *
  Bud Moore and His Hillsdale Hillbillies
  Buster Moore *
  Byrd Moore and His Hotshots
  Carl (The Squeakin' Deacon) Moore *
  Charlie Moore
  Chick Moore
  Dottie Moore
  Dr. Paul Moore
  Grady D. Moore
  Jim Moore
  Johnny Moore
  Joyce Moore
  Lattie Moore and the Allen County Boys
  Lee Moore
  Lee and Juanita Moore
  Merrill Moore
  Ruthe Moore and her Westernettes
  Scotty Moore
  Thurston Moore
  Tiny Moore
  Ed Moose and His Old South Mountain Rangers
  Lester (Road Hog) Moran and The Cadillac Cowboys
  Frankie More
  Uncle Tom More
  Peg Moreland
  Bill Morgan
  Billie Morgan
  Chad Morgan
  Dick Morgan
  George Morgan
  Jimmy Morgan
  Madalene Morgan
  Misty Morgan *
  Rudy Morgan
  Sonny Morgan
  Verne Morgan
  Smilin' Andy Moritz and His Rolling Cowboys
  Shari Morning and Cliff Carl
  Red Morrell
  Chubby Morris and the Cowboy Kings
  Joe Morris and the Silver Dew Boys
  Lamar Morris
  Melvin Morris
  Rod Morris
  Skeets Morris
  Taylor Morris and the Country Gentlemen
  Walter Morris
  Wayne Morris
  Wiley Morris and the Dixie Pardners
  Wiley and Zeke Morris
  Zeke Morris
  Bobby Morrison
  Harold Morrison
  Herb Morrison
  Johnny and Eunice Morrison
  Jack Morrow
  Miss Lee Morse and Her Blue Grass Boys
  Ted Morse
  Tex Morton
  Curtis Mosby and Blue Blowers
  Johnny and Jonie Mosby
  Arnold Moseley
  Carl Moser
  Carol Moser
  Gail Moser
  Lucky Moser and The Sons of the Range
  Bernard Moses
  Ray Moss
  Sammy Moss and the Blue Ridge Mountain Boys
  Bill Mounce and his Sons of the South
  Charles 'Chuck' Mounds
  Mountain Red
  Shorty Moyer
  Chuck (The Flash of Rice Street) Mulkern
  Vic Mullen
  Moon Mullican
  D. C. Mullins
  Juanita Mullins
  Paul (Moon) Mullins *
  Theodore Mullins and His Blueridge Rambers
  Zeke Mullins
  Joaquin Murphey
  Chuck Murphy
  Jimmy Murphy
  Red Murphy
  Whitey Murphy
  Julie Murray
  Mal Murray
  Sophie Murray
  Red Murrell and his Ozark Playboys *
  Judy Muson
  Mrs. Eugene Myer
  Bobby Myers
  Curley Myers
  Hinkey Myers
  Orella Myers
  Ray R. Myers
  Sherry Lee Myers
  Shorty Myette
  Pop Myres
  Weldon Myrick


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