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Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Ida Red and The Kentuckians
  Ken Idaho *
  Slim Idaho
  Frank Ifield
  Joe Ikeole *
  Indian Bill
  Haskell Ingram *
  L. H. Ingram
  Roy Ingram *
  Autry Inman
  Louie Innis
  Andy Iona and his Islanders *
  Jerry Irby and his Texas Ranchers
  Lonnie Irving
  Bud Isaacs
  Barney Isaacs, Jr. *
  Little Joe Isbell
  Happy Ison *
  Burl Ives


Yes, Hillbilly Music. You may perhaps wonder why. You may even snicker. But trust us, soon your feet will start tappin' and before you know it, you'll be comin' back for more...Hillbilly Music.

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