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Frankie Miller
Born:  December 17, 1930
Cowtown Hoedown
KCUL Fort Worth, TX

Frankie was a native of Victoria, TX and recorded at one time for the Starday record label.

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Rec. No. Side Song Title
  21314 A Hey Where Ya Goin'
  21314 B It's No Big Thing To Me
  21378 A You Don't Show Me Much
  21378 B You're Crying On My Shoulder Again
  21420 A Paid In Full
  21420 B My Wedding Song For You
  21472 A Paint, Powder And Perfume
  21472 B What You Do From Now On
  21519 A I Don't Know Why I Love You
  21519 B Day By Day
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  424 A Black Land Farmer
  424 B True Blue
  457 A Poppin' Johnny
  457 B Family Man
  481 A The Money Side Of Life
  481 B Reunion (With Dinner On The Ground)
  496 A Baby Rocked Her Dolly
  496 B Rain Rain
  513 A Strictly Nothin'
  513 B Young Widow Brown
  537 A I'll Write To You
  537 B Richest Poor Boy
  550 A Lookin' Around Downtown
  550 B A Little Bit Later
  566 A The Cat And The Mouse
  566 B It's Not Easy
  577 A Gotta Win My Baby Back Again
  577 B Picture At St. Helene
  655 A A Little South Of Memphis
  655 B Too Hot To Handle
  673 A Fifteen Acres Of Peanut Land
  673 B Out Of This World
  691 A It Took A Lot Of Love
  691 B Mean Old Greyhound
  709 A Big Talk Of The Town
  709 B I Can Almost Forget
  739 A Bringing Mary Home
  739 B Country Music Who's Who
  777 A Charlie's Got A Good Thing Going
  793 A Fickle Hand Of Fate
  793 B She's My Antibiotic
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  863 A Money Side of Life
  863 B Reunion
  894 A Baby Rocked Her Dolly
  894 B Rain Rain
  939 A Strictly Nothing
  939 B Young Widow Brown

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