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Lou Millet
Born:  April 5, 1926
WJBO Baton Rouge, LA
WLBR Lebanon, PA
WLCS Baton Rouge, LA

Lou Millet was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His musical career started a bit later than some people might do in the business, not learning to play the guitar until he was 16 years old. But, after he learned the guitar, he soon formed his own band called "The Melody Ramblers". That band stayed together for about four years and appeared on several radio stations in the area including WLCS and WJBO as well as WLBR in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Lefty Frizzell gave him his first big break and in 1953, he was still associated with Lefty, by fronting the band during one of Lefty's tours. Other folks who helped Lou out included Troy Martin of the Southern Music Company and J. D. Miller of Crowley, Louisiana and Don Lan of Columbia Records.

Lou was actually with the Standard Oil Company for seven years before getting into the entertainment business.

On a personal note, Lou was six feet and a half and weighed in around 210 pounds then, with brown eyes and curly brown hair. Though he was enjoying some success leading the band with Lefty Frizzell, he still wanted to have his own band again someday.

In a Cowboy Songs article, he was quoted as saying:

"If people would just realize that they are ordinary humans and consume some good old down-to-earth music, like country music, this would be a better world for all to live in."

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs No.28; September 1953, American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT.

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Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20979 A Weary, Worried And Blue
  20979 B Just Me, My Heart And You
  21029 A Your Own Heart You Must Mend
  21029 B Worried, Lonesome And In Love
  21086 A Get A Grip On Your Heart
  21086 B Bayou Pigeon
  21143 A Memories From Your Cedar Chest
  21143 B God Only Knows
  21225 A That's How I Need You
  21225 B Since The Devil Moved In

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