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Ken Fairlie

About The Artist

Ken Fairlie came into the music scene as a young 18 year old with a release on Event Records ("Tonight Is Just AnotherNight To Cry Myself To Sleep" b/w "The Table's Turned"). Billboard magazine told readers he was from Montreal, Canada and was being managed by the Canadian Talent Company of Montreal. The Gazette of Montreal, Canada announced the signing on April 13, 1957.

Country and Western Jamboree magazine wrote of this release:

Here's the first Canadian artist to hit the American market in a spell. He sings a good, straight country ballad in a rich baritone, but the trend today is toward more of a psuedo-pop style, and both these ballads are in the rustic tradition. His choice of tunes and arrangements muct change to meet the current market."

Cashbox magazine also reviewed the release in its September 14, 1957 issue:

THE TABLE’S TURNED” (1:45) [Dawn ASCAP — Copeland] Ken Fairlie claims that he’s gained the upper hand in his long series of romantic hassles with the gal. A feelingful, quick paced affair that the warbler wraps up in expressive style. Interesting side. Could stir up attention. Effective musical background.

“TONIGHT IS JUST ANOTHER NIGHT TO CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP” (2:10) [Dawn ASCAP — Hayes] On the reverse etching Fairlie comes across in warm sincere fashion on a tear-compelling, moderate paced lover’s lament.

Earlier in September, Ken met with Event Records Artist and Repertoire manager Al Hawkes to discuss the single "The Table's Turned" which was generating activity in Canada.

Billboard reported in August of 1967 that Ken was then working with Scott Seely; they were trying to broaden the 'country music' side of Accent Records as well as their Boomerang and S & R publishing companies.

Credits & Sources

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  • Video from Jiggs Lemley Induction into the Florida Country Music Hall of Fame 1987; courtesy of Mike 'Boots' Lemley, son of Jiggs Lemley.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Event Records
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4264 A Tonight Is Just Another Night To Cry Myself To Sleep
  4264 B The Table's Turned

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