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Hank Penny
Born:  August 18, 1918
Died:  April 17, 1992
Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame (1983)
Western Swing Society Hall of Fame (1991)
WLW Boone County Jamboree
WLW Midwestern Hayride
WSB Barn Dance
WSM Grand Ole Opry
KFRM Wichita, KS
KGIL Los Angeles, CA
KXLA Pasadena, CA
WAPI Birmingham, AL
WDOD Chattanooga, TN
WKBC Birmingham, AL
WWL New Orleans, NO
WSB Atlanta, GA (1939)
WLW Cincinnati, OH (1942)

About The Artist

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  29560 A I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
  29560 B When They Ask About You
  29597 A Bloodshot Eyes
  29597 B A Letter From Home
  29926 A Rock Of Gibraltar
  29926 B Southern Fried Chicken
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1021 A Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
  1021 B Steel Guitar Polka
  1090 A Back Up A Little Bit
  1090 B Don't You Know It's Wrong
  1122 A Low Down Woman Blues
  1122 B Two Timin' Mama
  1500 A Bloodshot Eyes
  1500 B Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma'am
  512 A I Hope You're Satisfied
  512 B Talkin' Bout You
  519 A When You Cry, You Cry Alone
  519 B I'm Singing The Blues
  521 A Bless Your Heart Little Girl
  521 B If You'd Only Be True
  528 A Steel Guitar Stomp
  528 B I'm Counting The Days
  540 A Get Yourself A Red Head
  540 B Missouri
  551 A Time Will Tell
  551 B These Wild Wild Women
  581 A Merle's Buck Dance
  581 B Texas In My Soul
  597 A Wildcat Mama
  597 B Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
  606 A Open The Door Richard
  606 B The Freckle Song
  614 A Let Me Play With Your Poodle
  614 B The Freckle Song
  621 A Locked Out
  621 B Penny Blows His Top
  639 A Steel Guitar Polka
  639 B Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon?
  672 A I'm Gonna Change Things
  672 B I'm Not Surprised
  698 A Kentucky
  698 B Hillbilly Jump
  727 A Wouldn't It Be Fun?
  727 B Big Fat Papa
  770 A Red Hot Mama
  770 B One Heart, One Love, One Life
  813 A We Met Too Late
  813 B My Inlaws Made An Outlaw Of Me
  828 A Bloodshot Eyes
  828 B I Was Satisfied
  842 A Now Ain't You Glad Dear
  842 B Got The Louisiana Blues
  869 A Wham Bam! Thank You Ma'am
  869 B Jersey Bounce
  891 A What've You Got?
  891 B Tin Pan Polka
  902 A I'm Gonna Have My Picture Took
  902 B Remington Ride
  924 A Solitary Blues
  924 B Tell Me All About It
  941 A Riding On The Old Ferris Wheel
  941 B Guess Who Took Your Place
  957 A You Better Save It For A Rainy Day
  957 A You're So Different
  957 B You're So Different
  957 B You Better Save It For A Rainy Day
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-4363 A I Want My Rib
  20-4363 B White Shotguns
  20-4414 A My Little Red Wagon
  20-4414 B That Mink On Her Back
  20-4633 A Taxes Taxes
  20-4633 B You're Bound To Look Like A Monkey
  20-4862 A Hadacellin Boogie
  20-4862 B If I Can't Wear The Pants
  20-5023 A Makin' Love Tennessee Style
  20-5023 B Sweet Mama, Put Him In Low
  20-5150 A I Want To Live A Little
  20-5150 B That's My Weakness Now
  20-5283 A Fan It
  20-5283 B You Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  04543 A Sweet Talkin' Mama
  04543 B Flamin' Mamie
  04640 A I've Got The Right Key Baby
  04640 B Title Unknown
  04741 A She's That Kind
  04741 B Cheatin' On You Baby
  04826 A Mama's Getting Young
  04826 B Blue Melody
  04922 A Hesitation Blues
  04922 B They're All Just The Same To Me
  05026 A Mississippi Muddle
  05026 B I Want My Rib
  05067 A It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'
  05067 B Yankee Doodle
  05148 A Tonight You Belong To Me
  05148 B The Last Goodbye
  05215 A You're So Different
  05215 B All Night And All Day Long
  05270 A Blackeyed Susie
  05270 B Take It Slow And Easy
  05321 A I Told Them All About You
  05321 B Red Hot Papa
  05380 A I Like Molasses
  05380 B Hot Time Mama
  05438 A Cowboy's Swing
  05438 B Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon

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