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Shorty Fincher
and his Cotton Pickers
Born:  November 9, 1899
Died:  March 24, 1958
WWVA Original Jamboree

About The Artist

Shorty Fincher was born in Iukia, Mississippi. When he was one year old, his parents moved to Anniston, Alabama. He played the mouth harp, bazooka, drum, and the five string banjo. In fact, he mentions in his souvenir folio that his first banjo was made by his father. The first tune he learned to play on that banjo was "Boil That Cabbage Down". He mentioned that 'Rawhide' was really his brother and that they had started in radio together in 1932.

Timeline and Trivia Notes:

Group members included:

  • Shorty Fincher, mouth harp, bazooka, drum, banjo
  • Lonesome Valley Sally (Alexandra Kaspura)
  • Rawhide (born January 30, 1911, Anniston, Alabama)
  • Yodeling Flo (Florence Morosco)
  • Dolph Hewitt
  • Ted Buchanan, Hawaiian guitar, hand saw, bass fiddle, guitar

Credits & Sources

  • Shorty Fincher and his Cotton Pals; Souvenir Folio; Publication date unknown.

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