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Statler Brothers
Country Music Hall of Fame (2008)
Gospel Music Hall of Fame (2007)
Virginia Country Music Hall of Fame (1979)

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  43069 A The Wreck Of The Old 97
  43069 B Hammer and Nails (V/Johnny Cash)
  43146 A Your Foolish Game
  43146 B I Still Miss Someone
  43315 A Flowers On The Wall
  43315 B Billy Christian
  43526 A My Darling Hildegarde
  43526 B The Doodlin' Song
  43624 A The Right One
  43624 B Is That What You'd Have Me Do
  43868 A That'll Be The Day
  43868 B Makin' Rounds
  44070 A Ruthless
  44070 B Do You Love Me Tonight
  44245 A You Can't Have Your Kate and Edith, Too
  44245 B Walking In The Sunshine
  44480 A Jump For Joy
  44480 B Take A Bow Rufus Humfry
  44608 A I'm The Boy
  44608 B Sissy
  868 892-7 B Elizabeth
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  55000 A Silver Medals and Sweet Memories
  55000 B The Regular Saturday Nite Setback Card Game
  55013 A Some I Wrote
  55013 B Carried Away
  55022 A Do You Know You Are My Sunshine
  55022 B You're The First
  55037 A Who Am I To Say
  55037 B I Dreamed About You
  55048 A The Official Historian on Shirley Jean Berrell
  55048 B The Best That I Can Do
  55057 A How To Be A Country Star
  55057 B A Little Farther Down The Road
  55066 A Here We Go Again
  55066 B Mr. Autry
  57007 A Nothing AS Original As You
  57007 B Counting My Memories
  57012 A (I'll Even Love You) Better Than I Did Then
  57012 B Almost In Love
  57031 A Charlotte's Web
  57031 B One Less Day To Go
  57037 A Don't Forget Yourself
  57037 B We Got Paid By Cash
  57051 A Don't Wait On Me
  57051 B Chet Atkins' Hand
  57059 A Years Ago
  57059 B Dad
  73141 A Bed Of Rose's
  73141 B The Last Goodbye
  73194 A New York City
  73194 B This Part Of The World
  73229 A Pictures
  73229 B Making Memories
  73275 A Do You Remember These
  73275 B Since Then
  73315 A The Class of '57
  73315 B Every Time I Trust A Gal
  73348 A Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott
  73348 B The Strand
  73360 A Monday Morning Secretary
  73360 B A Special Song For Wanda
  73392 A Woman Without A Home
  73392 B I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
  73415 A Carry Me Back
  73415 B I Wish I Could Be
  73485 A Thank You World
  73485 B The Blackwood Brothers By The Statler Brothers
  73625 A Susan When She Tried
  73625 B She's Too Good
  73665 A All American Girl
  73665 B A Few Old Memories
  73687 A I'll Go To My Grave Loving You
  73687 B You've Been Like A Mother To Me
  73732 A How Great Thou Art
  73732 B Noah Found Grace In The Eyes of the Lord
  73785 A Your Picture In The Paper
  73785 B All The Times
  73846 A Thank God I've Got You
  73846 B Hat and Boots
  73877 A The Movies
  73877 B You Could Be Coming To Me
  73906 A I Was There
  73906 B Somebody New Will Be Coming Along
  76130 A Who Do You Think?
  76130 B I Never Spend A Christmas That I Don't Think Of You
  76142 A You'll Be Back (Every Night In My Dreams)
  76142 B We Ain't Even Started Yet
  76162 A Whatever
  76162 B Do Know You Are My Sunshine
  76184 A A Child Of The Fifties
  76184 B (I'll Love You) All Over Again
  811 488-7 A Oh Baby Mind (I Get So Lonely)
  811 488-7 B I'm Dyin' A Little Each Day
  812 988-7 A Guilty
  812 988-7 B I Never Want To Kiss You Goodbye
  814 881-7 A Elizabeth
  814 881-7 B The Class of '57
  818 700-7 A Atlanta Blue
  818 700-7 B If It Makes Any Difference
  866 302-7 A Put It On The Card
  866 302-7 B Atlanta Blue
  868 140-7 A Remember Me
  868 140-7 B My Music, My Memories and You
  868 484-7 A You've Been Like A Mother To Me
  868 484-7 B Jesus Is The Answer Everytime
  868 892-7 A There's Still Times
  870 164-7 A The Best I Know How
  870 164-7 B I Lost My Heart To You
  870 442-7 A Am I Crazy
  870 442-7 B Beyond Romance
  870 681-7 A Let's Get Started If We're Gonna Break My Heart
  870 681-7 B Guilty
  872 604-7 A Moon Pretty Moon
  872 604-7 B I'll Be The One
  874 196-7 A More Than A Name On A Wall
  874 196-7 B Atlanta Blue
  875 498-7 A Small Small World
  875 498-7 B My Music, My Memories and You
  876 112-7 A A Hurt I Can't Handle
  876 112-7 B Don't Wait On Me (Live Version)
  876 876-7 A Walking Heartache In Disguise
  876 876-7 B Walking Heartache In Disguise
  878 386-7 A Nobody Else
  878 386-7 B He Is There
  880 130-7 A One Takes The Blame
  880 130-7 B Give It Your Best
  880 411-7 A My Only Love
  880 411-7 B (Let's Just) Take One Night At A Time
  880 685-7 A Hello Mary Lou
  880 685-7 B Remembering You
  884 016-7 A Too Much On My Heart
  884 016-7 B Her Heart Or Mine
  884 317-7 A Sweeter and Sweeter
  884 317-7 B Amazing Grace
  884 721-7 A Count On Me
  884 721-7 B Will You Be There?
  888 042-7 A Only You
  888 042-7 B We Got The Mem'ries
  888 219-7 A Forever
  888 219-7 B More Like Daddy Than Me
  888 650-7 A I'll Be The One
  888 650-7 B De Ja-Vu
  888 920-7 A Maple Street Mem'ries
  888 920-7 B Jesus Showed Me So

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