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Now you've got a list of group names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the group name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

  • Added the artist or group
  • Added a photo of the artist or group
  • Added a writeup of the artist or group
  • Updated the information or writeup of the artist

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other groups, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Group Name (with Band or other details)
  H.M. Barnes Blueridge Ramblers
  Hackberry Ramblers
  The Haliole Hawaiians
  Hall Brothers
  The Hames Sisters
  The Hammond Brothers
  Hamrick Brothers
  The Handsome Hoboes
  Hank and Frank
  Hank and Herb
  Hank and Hiram
  Hank and Slim
  Hank and Thelma
  Hank Penny's Radio Cowboys
  Happy Four
  Happy Hollow Cowboys
  Happy Hollow Hoodlums
  Happy Jack
  The Happy Pals
  Happy Rovin' Cowgirls
  The Happy Singing Kids
  The Happy Sunshine Coffee Boys
  Roy Hall and Happy Valley Boys
  Happy Valley Boys
  Happy Valley Family
  Happy Valley Family
  Happy Valley Folks
  The Happy Valley Girls
  Happy Valley Girls
  Happy Valley Neighbors
  Happy-Go-Lucky Boys
  The Harden Trio
  The Hardin County Boys
  Harkins and Moran
  The Harmoneers
  The Harmoneers Quartet
  Harmonica Club
  Harmonica Twins
  Harmony Boys (Frank and Vic)
  The Harmony Hix
  The Harmony Rangers Quintet
  The Harmony Sweethearts
  Harmony Twins
  Hal Aloma and his Hawaiians
  Harper Brothers
  Harpo and Tiny
  Harry and Bob, the Wanderers of the Wasteland
  Harvest Hands
  Hatfield Brothers and Sisters
  Haven at Rest Quartet
  Hawaiian Buckaroos
  Hawaiian Harmony Boys
  Hawaiian Serenaders
  Hawking Brothers
  The Hayloft Dancers
  Hayloft Fiddlers
  The Hayloft Gang
  The Hayloft Trio
  The Haymakers
  The Hayshakers
  Haywood County Ramblers
  Heifner Sisters
  Heinie & His Grenadiers
  Hendersonville Double Quartet
  Hendersonville Quartet
  Hendricks Brothers Trio
  Hennemann Sisters
  Henry and Arnold
  Henry and Jerome
  Henry, Zeb and Otto
  Hernandez Brothers
  Herrington Sisters *
  Hershal Brown's Washboard Band
  The Hi Flyers
  Hi Neighbor Boys
  The Hi-Flyers
  The Hiawatha Ramblers
  The Hickory Nut Gang
  Hickory Ranch Boys
  Hickory Ridge Runners
  The Hickory Sisters
  The Higgins Boys
  The Hill Family
  The Hillbillies
  Hillbilly Jewels
  The Hillbilly Playboys
  The Hillbilly Rebels
  Hillbilly Sweethearts
  The Hillclimbers
  Hillman's Boys
  Hilltop Harmonizers
  The Hilltop Ramblers
  The Hilltoppers
  Hiram and Henry
  The Hired Hands
  The Hixson Playboys
  Hobbs Brothers
  Ralph Hodges' Dixie Vagabonds
  The Hollow Willow Ramblers
  The Hollywood Hillbillies
  The Home Grown Trio
  Home Town Singers
  Homeland Harmony Quartet
  Homeland Quartet
  Homer & Jethro
  The Homesteaders
  Hometown Boys
  The Hometowners
  The Hometowners
  Honey & Daney
  Honeyboy & Sassafras
  The Hooper Brothers
  Hoosier Cornhuskers
  Hoosier Hot Shots
  Hoosier Merrymakers
  Hoosier Ramblers
  Hoosier Rangers
  Hoosier Serenaders
  Hoosier Sod Busters
  Hoosier Sweethearts
  Hoosier Tigers
  Hoosier Vagabonds
  Hoot & Curley
  Hoot Owl Hollow Girls
  The Hoot Owls
  Hornellsville Hillbillies
  Hot Cops
  Houston Quartette
  Howard & Peak
  Pappy Howard and the Connecticut Kernels
  Howard Sisters
  The Hubbard Twins
  The Huggins Brothers
  Hugh and Shug's Radio Pals
  Hula Hawaiians
  Hutchens Family Trio


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