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Smith's Sacred Singers

Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Smith's Sacred Singers. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything about this artist yet.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5606 A Picture From Life's Other Side
  5606 B God's Children Are Gathering Home
  5611 A Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
  5611 B Beyond The Stars Is Home
  5614 A I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian
  5614 B In The Happy Land Over Yonder
  5670 A Calvary C.M.
  5670 B Vain World Adieu
  5671 A Tell Mother I'll Be There
  5671 B Home On The Banks Of The River
  5721 A Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
  5721 B Where We'll Never Grow Old
  5750 A You Can't Do Wrong And Get By
  5750 B We'll Understand It Better Bye And Bye
  5809 A No Stranger Yonder
  5809 B Stand Up For Jesus
  5854 A Saved By Grace
  5854 B We'll Work Till Jesus Comes
  5883 A Jesus Is Calling
  5883 B Have Thine Own Way Lord
  5943 A Hold To God's Unchanging Hand
  5943 B From The Cross To The Crown
  5972 A Jesus Is All The World To Me
  5972 B When They Ring The Golden Bells
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  15090 D A Picture From Life's Other Side
  15090 D B Where We'll Never Grow Old
  15110 D A Shouting On The Hills
  15110 D B The Eastern Gate
  15128 D A We're Going Down The Valley One By One
  15128 D B If I'm Faithful To My Lord
  15137 D A The Prodigals Return
  15144 D A I Will Sing Of My Redeemer
  15144 D B He Will Set Your Fields On Fire
  15159 D A Jesus Pray
  15159 D B Life's Railway To Heaven
  15173 D A Trace The Footsteps Of Jesus
  15173 D B He Is Coming Back
  15195 D A Climbing Up The Golden Stairs
  15195 D B City Of Gold
  15208 D A Gospel Waves
  15208 D B He Bore It All
  15230 D B I Want To Go To Heavenm
  15257 D A Drifting Down
  15257 D B Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
  15281 D A Prepare To Meet Thy God
  15281 D B My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast
  15308 D A Waiting On The Golden Shor
  15308 D B Hold On To God's Unchanging Hands
  15329 D A Deliverance Will Come
  15329 D B The Home Over There
  15351 D A Keep On Climbing
  15351 D B The Unclouded Day
  15371 D A Lord I'm Coming Home
  15371 D B When Jesus Comes
  15389 D A When The Happy Morning Breaks
  15389 D B I Am Going That Way
  15401 D A Working For The Crown
  15401 D B Meet Me There
  15430 D A Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb
  15430 D B Jesus Died For Me
  15471 D A Endless Joy Is Waiting Over There
  15471 D B What A Gathering That Will Be
  15494 D A When Our Savior Comes Again
  15494 D B His Picture Is In My Heart
  15517 D A Labor On
  15517 D B You Can't Do Wrong And Get By
  15551 D A There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
  15551 D B Church In The Wildwood
  15579 D A Echoes From The Glory Shore
  15579 D B He Holds Me By The Hand
  15593 D A Jesus Lover Of My Soul
  15593 D B Work For The Night Is Coming
  15619 D A Love Lifted Me
  15619 D B How Firm A Foundation
  15639 D A My Redeemer Lives
  15639 D B Old Time Religion For Me
  15659 D A Sing All Your Troubles Away
  15659 D B Wayside Wells
  15671 D A A Child At Mother's Knee
  15671 D B Beautiful Life
  15683 D A In A Little While
  15683 D B It Won't Be Long
  15706 D A Is It Well With Your Soul
  15706 D B Gathering Home
  15749 D A My Saviour's Train
  15749 D B I Have Found The Way
  15772 D A When Our Lord Shall Come Again
  15772 D B Keep The Sunlight In Your Sky
Montgomery Ward
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4804 A Picture From Life's Other Side
  4804 B When They Ring The Golden Bells
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  02921 A Jesus Prayed
  02921 B Life's Railway To Heaven
  02941 A When Jesus Comes
  02941 B Lord I'm Coming Home
  02949 A Where We'll Never Grow Old
  02949 B Pictures From Life's Other Side

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