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Shelton Brothers
WFAA Saturday Night Shindig
WFAA Dallas, TX

About The Group

Go back to about 1939 and this group of six brothers got togehter to form a "riotous and entertaining hillbilly act." Their career saw them appear on many stations throughout the state of Texas. And as many acts did, they toured extensively, meeting their many fans who had listened to them over the radio stations. One of their recordings "Deep Elm Blues" was deemed an all-time favorite.

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Deep Elm Blues

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  46008 A Deep Elm Blues
  46008 B Just Because
  46009 A Ida Red
  46009 B South
  5079 A Beautiful Louisiana
  5079 B Neath The Maple In The Lane
  5099 A Deep Elm Blues
  5099 B Hang Out The Front Door Key
  5100 A Just Because
  5100 B Who Wouldn't Be Lonely
  5135 A Message From Home Sweet Home
  5135 B Will There Be Cowboys Up In Heaven?
  5161 A Nothin'
  5161 B Johnson's Old Grey Mule
  5170 A Answer To Just Because
  5170 B That's A Habit I've Never Had
  5173 A New John Henry Blues
  5173 B Ridin' On A Humpback Mule
  5177 B At The Shelby County Fair
  5180 A Eleven Miles From Leavenworth
  5180 B Budded Roses
  5190 A I'm Sittin On Top Of World
  5190 B Four Or Five Times
  5198 A Deep Elem Blues #2
  5198 B Daddy Don't Let No Low Down Hangin' Round
  5219 A When It's Night Time In Nevada
  5219 B The Black Sheep
  5261 A Lover's Farewell
  5261 B Sweet Evalina
  5339 A New Trouble In Mind
  5339 B Dollar Down Dollar A Week
  5353 A Alone With My Sorrows
  5353 B Story Of Seven Roses
  5367 A Just Because No. 3
  5367 B Giving Everything Away
  5381 A She Was Happy Til She Met
  5381 B A Prisoners Dream
  5397 A Goodness Gracious Gracie
  5397 B Nobody But My Baby
  5409 A Cinda Lou
  5409 B I'm Here To Get My Baby Ou
  5422 A Deep Elm Blues #3
  5422 B Go Long Mule
  5440 A Answer To Blue Eyes
  5440 B Someone To Love When You're Gone
  5456 A Uncle Ephs Got The Coon
  5456 B New Cindy Lou
  5468 A That Golden Love
  5468 B Answer To Prisoner's Dream
  5471 A I'm Gonna Fix Your Wagon
  5471 B Way Down In Georgia
  5475 A Blue Kimono Blues
  5475 B My Gal Is Mean
  5484 A I Told Them All About You
  5484 B Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
  5496 A By The Stump Of The Old Pine Tree
  5496 B Eight More Years To Go
  5508 A When You Think A Lot About Somebody
  5508 B Jealous
  5519 A As Long As I Have You
  5519 B Who Calls You Sweet Mama Now?
  5533 A Down On The Farm
  5533 B Aura Lee
  5545 A I'm Gonna Let The Bee Be
  5545 B Take Me Back To Renfro Valley
  5568 A Youre Standing On Outside
  5568 B No Fooling
  5585 A The Old Mill's Tumbling Down
  5585 B Far Over The Hill
  5606 A Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella
  5606 B Lost Woman (Hy Heath)
  5609 A You Can't Put That Monkey Down
  5609 B Thankful & Thankful
  5621 A Wednesday Night Waltz
  5621 B Lita (Maude Stevenson)
  5630 A She's Somebody's Darling
  5630 B On The Owl-Hoot Trail
  5645 A Someday Baby
  5645 B My Girlfriend Dont Like Me
  5653 A Meet Me Somewhere In Your Dreams
  5653 B Knot Hole Blues
  5661 A Ace In The Hole
  5661 B I'm Saving Saturday Night
  5665 A You Can't Put That Monkey On
  5665 B Just Because Youre In Deep
  5669 A I Just Dont Care Anymore
  5669 B Mandy
  5678 A Thats No Way To Treat The
  5678 B She Gave It All Away
  5690 A You Cant Do That To Me
  5690 B How Times Have Changed
  5700 A Pretty Little Girl With The Smile
  5700 B She's My Gal
  5706 A Bye Bye Baby
  5706 B That's Why I'm Jealous
  5709 A On Mexicos Beautiful Shore
  5709 B You Gotta Quit Cheatin' On Me
  5717 A Hallelujah I'm Free Again
  5717 B Those Dusty Roads
  5723 A You Can't Fool A Fool All The Time
  5723 B My Sweet Darling Wife
  5739 A My Grandfather's Clock
  5739 B Dig Me A Grave In Missouri
  5755 A Lay Your Hand In Mine
  5755 B Parking Meter Blues
  5760 A Shouting In The Amen Corne
  5760 B No Matter What They Say
  5776 A I Have My Bed
  5776 B You Cant Get Love
  5787 A If You Don't Like My Peaches
  5787 B Dont Take My Darling Away
  5795 A I Wish It Wasnt So
  5795 B Dont Leave Me All Alone
  5811 A Old Age Pension Blues
  5811 B It Ain't No Use To Worry Anymore
  5826 A You Cant Get Me Back
  5826 B There's Always Gonna Be The Maple
  5833 A Coo See Coo
  5833 B I'm A Handy Man To Have Around
  5844 A I'll Be Seeing You In Dallas
  5844 B Doggone Crazy Blues
  5855 A Somebody Stole My Little Darling
  5855 B Tell Me With Your Blue Eyes
  5865 A It's Hard To Love And Not Be Loved
  5865 B It's A Weary World Without My Blue Eyes
  5898 A What's The Matter With Deep Elm
  5898 B Henpecked Husband Blues
  5946 A Ida Red
  5946 B South
  5964 A Who's Gonna Cut My Baby's Kindlin'
  5964 B Rompin' And Stompin' Round
  5975 A Old Fashioned Locket
  5975 B Love Me Easy
  5996 A I Just Cant Go On
  5996 B Sitting On Your Doorstep
  6021 A Weary
  6021 B I'll Never Get Drunk Anymore
  6047 A I'm Driftin' And Shiftin' My Gears
  6047 B When It Rains It Really Pours
  6071 A I Just Dropped In To Say Goodnight
  6071 B Choo Choo Blues
  6079 A Beautiful Brown Eyes
  6079 B Sittin' On Top Of The World
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  646 A Johnson's Old Grey Mule
  646 B Its No Use
  660 A Deep Elm Boogie Woogie Blues
  660 B I Don't Want You
  729 A If I Ever Cry Again
  729 B Oh Monah

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