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The Sons Of The Pioneers
Academy of Country Music Pioneer (1977)
Country Music Hall of Fame (1980)
Hollywood Walk of Fame (1976)
Western Music Association Hall of Fame (1989)
Town Hall Party

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Sons of the Pioneers
By Bill O'Neal and Fred Goodwin
Eakin Press
250 Pages
ISBN:  1-57168-644-4

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20226 A When The Roses Bloom Again
  20226 B I Love You, Nelly
  20334 A Lead Me Gently Home, Father
  20334 B Power In The Blood
  20499 A The Devil's Great Grandson
  20499 B Hold That Critter Down
  20500 A Open Range Ahead
  20500 B One More River To Cross
  37627 A I Love You Nellie
  37627 B When The Roses Bloom Again
  37757 A Power In The Blood
  37757 B Lead Me Gently Home Father
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  9447 A Leaning On The Everlasting Arm
  9447 B Dwelling In The Beulah Land
  9448 A What You Gonna Say To Peter
  9448 B When The Golden Train Comes Down
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  64172 A Sierra Nevada
  64172 B If You Would Only Be Mine
  9-61316 A Lonely Little Room
  9-61316 B Montana
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  29814 A Cool Water
  29814 B Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  46027 A Cool Water
  46027 B Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  46059 A Kelly Waltz
  46059 B There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
  5013 A Way Out There
  5013 B Ridin' Home
  5047 A Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  5047 B Moonlight On The Prairie
  5082 A When Our Old Age Pension Comes To Our Door
  5082 B Will You Love Me When My Hair Has Turned?
  5083 A I Follow The Stream
  5083 B There's A Roundup In The Sky
  5168 A Echoes From The Hills
  5168 B Song Of The Pioneers
  5178 A Kilocycle Stomp
  5178 B Cajon Stomp
  5218 A Roving Cowboy
  5218 B When I Leave This World Behind
  5222 A The Hills Of Old Wyomin'
  5222 B A Melody From The Sky
  5232 A Over The Santa Fe Trail
  5232 B Texas Star
  5243 A Blue Bonnet Girl
  5243 B Ride Ranger Ride
  5247 A Empty Saddles
  5247 B I'm An Old Cowhand
  5248 A We'll Rest At The End Of The Trail
  5248 B Blue Prairie
  5275 A One More Ride
  5275 B Westward Ho
  5358 A Way Out There
  5358 B Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  5939 A So Long To The Red River Valley
  5939 B Cool Water
  5941 A They Drew My Number-Goodby
  5941 B A Love That Ended Too Soon
  5963 A Theres A Long Long Trail
  5963 B Lonely Rose Of Mexico
  5977 A My Love Went Without Water
  5977 B You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care
  5994 A You Broke My Heart
  5994 B Moon Over Sun Valley
  6003 A He's Gone Up The Trail
  6003 B Cielito Lindo
  6011 A Pay Me No Mind
  6011 B Plain Old Plains
  6035 A Salt River Valley
  6035 B I Knew It All The Time
  6042 A Private Buckaroo
  6042 B Oh Oh Wonderful World
  6046 A I'm Cryin My Heart Out Ove
  6046 B How Was I To Know
  6066 A Wagner Hoedown
  6066 B Boggy Road To Texas
  6073 A I'll Be Around Somewhere
  6073 B Tumbleweed Trail
  6096 A Home In San Antone
  6096 B I Hand My Head & Cry
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  550 A Cool Water
  550 B Pretty Painted Ladies
  551 A Indian Woman
  551 B ?
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-1724 A Cool Water
  20-1724 B Stars And Stripes On Iwo Jima
  20-1764 A Frogive And Forget
  20-1764 B The Timber Trail
  20-1820 A Gold Star Mother With The Silver Hair
  20-1820 B I Wear Your Memory In My Heart
  20-1868 A Grievin' My Heart Out For You
  20-1868 B No One To Cry To
  20-1904 A Cowboy Camp Meeting
  20-1904 B Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  20-1952 A You're Getting Tired Of Me
  20-1952 B Out California Way
  20-1987 A A Penny For Your Thoughts
  20-1987 B Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  20-2076 A Chant Of The Wanderer
  20-2076 B Cool Water
  20-2077 A Everlasting
  20-2077 B Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  20-2078 A Blue Prairie
  20-2078 B Cowboy Camp Meeting
  20-2079 A The Timer Trail
  20-2079 B Trees
  20-2086 A Baby Doll
  20-2086 B The Letter Marked Unclaimed
  20-2199 A Cigarettes, Whiskey And Wild Women
  20-2199 B My Best To You
  20-2276 A You Don't Know What Lonesome Is
  20-2276 B Teardrops In My Heart
  20-2350 A Will There Be Sagebrush In Heaven?
  20-2350 B You Never Miss The Water Till The Well Runs Dry
  20-2484 A Out In Pioneertown
  20-2484 B You'll Be Sorry When I'm Gone
  20-2569 A The Last Roundup
  20-2569 B A Hundred And Sixty Acres
  20-2725 A Happy Birthday Polka
  20-2725 B Calico Apron And A Gingham Gown
  20-2780 A Blue Shadows On The Trail
  20-2780 B Pecos Bill
  20-2951 A Cowboy Country
  20-2951 B Down Where The Rio Flows
  20-3082 A Missouri Is A Devil Of A Woman
  20-3082 B My Feet Takes Me Away
  20-3193 A Rounded Up In Glory
  20-3193 B Too High, Too Wide, Too Low
  20-3194 A Power In The Blood
  20-3194 B Lead Me Gently Home Father
  20-3195 A Sea Walker
  20-3195 B Touch Of God's Hand
  20-3196 A Old Rugged Cross
  20-3196 B Read The Day Every Day
  20-3257 A No Rodeo Dough
  20-3257 B Sentimental, Worried And Blue
  20-3983 A America Forever
  20-3983 B Little White Cross
  20-4054 A Handsome Stranger
  20-4071 A Mexicali Rose
  20-4071 B Roses
  20-4072 A Bring Your Roses To Her Now
  20-4072 B Moonlight And Roses
  20-4073 A Room Full Of Roses
  20-4073 B San Antonio Rose
  20-4131 A Baby, I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
  20-4131 B Daddy's Little Cowboy
  20-4264 A Heart-Break Hill
  20-4264 B Wind
  20-4347 A Resurrectus
  20-4347 B The Lord's Prayer
  20-4431 A I Still Do
  20-4431 B Outlaws
  20-4459 A Ho Le O
  20-4459 B I Told Them All About You
  20-4571 A Land Beyond The Sea
  20-4571 B Waltz Of The Roses
  20-4639 A Almost
  20-4639 B Diesel Smoke
  20-4937 A Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma
  20-4937 B Let's Pretend
  20-6055 A Ballad Of Davy Crockett
  20-6055 B Graveyard Filler Of The West
  20-6109 A I Wonder When We'll Ever Know
  20-6109 B Kings Highway
  20-6123 A Tennessee Rock And Roll
  20-6123 B Three Of Us
  20-6184 A Be What You Want To Be
  20-6184 B Epidemic
  20-6276 A King Of The River
  20-6276 B Yaller, Yaller Gold
  20-6362 A Mighty Rock
  20-6362 B My Secret Wish
  20-6376 A How Great Thou Art
  20-6376 B The Last Frontier
  20-6507 A Song Of The Prodigal
  20-6507 B The Searchers
  20-6655 A For The Love Of You
  20-6655 B Timmy Tune
  20-6890 A Hasta La Vista
  20-6890 B One More Ride
  20-7024 A Ballad Of A Cowboy Sailor
  20-7024 B Piney Woods
  20-7079 A God Has His Arms Around Me
  20-7079 B High Ridin' Woman
  21-0024 A Little Gray Home In The West
  21-0024 B The Whiffenpoof Song
  21-0163 A Wedding Dolls (For Your Wedding Cake)
  21-0163 B Love At The County Fair (w/Dale Evans)
  21-03068 A Old Man Atom
  21-0368 B What This Country Needs
  21-4937 A Let's Pretend
  21-4937 B The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma
  7024 A Ballad of the Cowboy-Sailor
  7024 B The Piney Woods
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  03880 A Down Along The Sleepy Rio Grande
  03880 B Open Range Ahead
  03881 A Just A-Wearyin' For You
  03881 B Smilin' Through
  03916 A I Love You Nelly
  03916 B When The Roses Bloom Again
  04136 A I Wonder If She Waits For Me Tonight
  04136 B Billy The Kid
  04187 A Hear Dem Bells
  04187 B You Must Come In The Door
  04264 A Kelly Waltz
  04264 B Cajun Stomp
  04328 A At The Rainbow's End
  04328 B Send Him Home To Me
  05347 A What You Gonna Say To Peter?
  05347 B When The Golden Train Comes Down
  05428 A Leaning On The Everlasting Arm
  05428 B Dwelling In Beulah Land

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