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California Hayride
Richmond, CA
Year Started:  1956

California Hayride

California Hayride Program Cover

The California Hayride appears to be a program that appeared after the demise of the similar Hoffman Hayride program. Cottonseed Clark and Eddie Kirk were the hosts of the second version of the Hoffman Hayride with the original version being hosted by the popular Dude Martin.

The show was to be the first live broadcast of a show over televsion station KOVR. The KOVR trucks went to the San Mateo Fiesta Grounds to setup for the broadcast back in October of 1955. The initial program was to be two hours at 8pm on Saturday nights.

The show's premier included quite a roster of talent - Stuart Hamblen, The Maddox Brothers and Rose and Rosie and Retta. Regular cast members were to appear as well - a youngster by name of Marilyn Orlando, another young lad - Johnny Guess, Arvada Miller, and Eddie Kirk. Dusty Dale and his band were to provide the musical backup for the show.

The show seemed to also try to showcase new talent in the Bay Area. The first show was to include a group called the Kandy Sisters of San Francisco. Rocky Arnold, a country pianist was to also be on the first show.

The show continued to be popular. Both Cottonseed and Eddie had their own disc jockey shows over radio station KEEN out of San Jose.

In early January 1956, a newspaper article reported that famed Grand Ole Opry stars George Morgan, Cowboy Copas and Marty Robbins were slated to appear on the show.

California Hayride - 1956 ad

The two hour show was also followed by a five hour dance afterwards, so fans attending in person were sure to be entertained.

Harold Souza

Eddie Kirk

Patti Prichard

Cal Smith

Little Mike Calkins

Jerri Jones

Pete Harrison and the Sun Valley Boys


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