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Our Thanks to Many Folks
This site is no small undertaking. And owes a debt of gratitude to the folks that have helped us out along the way. From the start, when we told people of the idea, we've got nothing but encouragement, support and enthusiasm.

Here, we'll list those who've helped us out along the way. Some will let us tell you who they are and even allow themselves to be contacted via email. Others may wish to remain anonymous, but we thank and acknowledge them just the same.

And last but not least, we want to dedicate this effort as a way of saying thanks to them at the same time. Without them, we wouldn't be here. Without them, we wouldn't have found out about this hillbilly music on those Saturday night get togethers or going to those shows at the Hammond Civic Center. Or being able to play mom's record collection. Here's a toast to them....

  • Mom and Dad
  • Aunt Annette and Uncle Doug
  • And behind every one is someone special, and for us, that's Lorna and Diego...
Thanks to our contributors and supporters
  • Gib Epling

  • Wayne W. Daniel

  • Wanda Kohls

  • Cliff Japhet

  • Down Home Music
    El Cerrito, CA

  • The Record Man

  • Big Al's Record Barn
    San Jose, CA

  • The Hillbilly Researcher Team
    Tricker - Turner - Sax

  • New England Country Music Historical Society
    c/o Gordon Brown, Founder, NE Country Music Historical Soc.
    15 Quirk St. #7
    Watertown, MA 02472 02471

  • Mark Brine

  • Dick Hill
    Country and Western Historian
    Radio, TV and C & W Music since 1947

  • Country Music News

  • Artists and their Families
    Many thanks for sharing their memories with us

  • Anonymous folks

  • T


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