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Through the years, much has been written about the genre of music that was known as hillbilly and evolved into folk, western, cowboy and country. During that time, magazines and other publications came about as part of the popularity of the music of the times.

Whether some were imitators of other successful publications at the time is for discussion but at least we have these publications to give us more of a first-hand feel of what was being said about the artists, the groups and bands and the shows of that era in American musical history. But we'd still wonder - what would be considered the first hillbilly / country music publication?

We have started to use our database to update this section. You will see examples of publication covers, the editorial staff if any were listed and other notes as well. By no means are we done with our efforts.


 Country & Western Jamboree
 Maher Publications, Inc.
 1955 — 1958

 KMA Guide
 Tom Thumb Publishing Co.
 1944 — 1975

 Country and Western Hit Parade
 Charlton Publishing Corporation
 1967 — 1972

 Mountain Broadcast and Prairie Recorder
 Mountain Broadcast Pub. Co.
 1941 — 1947

 Country Music Life
 Frank Harris
 1965 — 1969

 National Hillbilly News
 Poster Show Printing Company and Orville and Jenny Via
 1945 — 1950

 Country Music Report
 Devvy Davenport
 1963 — 1963

 National Jamboree
 Words To Songs, Inc.
 1949 — 1949

 Country Music Reporter
 Wayne Beckham, Editor
 1970 — 1974

 On the Trail
 Trail Publications, Inc.
 1958 — 1959

 Country Music Review
 Devvy Davenport
 1964 — 1965

 Pickin' and Singin' News
 Charles G. Neese and Fountain Publications, Inc.
 1953 — 1955

 Country Song Roundup
 Charlton Publishing Corporation & American folk Publications
 1949 — 2000

 Radio Varieties
 F. L. Rosenthal
 1939 — 1941

 Country Songs and Stars
 American Folk Publications, Inc.
 1964 — 1968

 Rural Radio News
 Rural Radio, Inc.
 1938 — 1939

 Cowboy Music World
 (Texas Frank) Karpinski
 1944 — 1947

 Rustic Rhythm
 Rustic Rhythm, Inc., A Filosa Publication
 1957 — 1957

 Cowboy Songs
 American Folk Publications, Inc.
 1948 — 1964

 Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine
 Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine
 1947 — 1948

 Folk and Country Songs
 American Folk Publications, Inc.
 1956 — 1959

 Songmakers Magazine
 Lee Young
 1949 — 1950

 Hillbilly and Cowboy Hit Parade
 Capitol Stories, Inc.
 1953 — 1967

 Steel Guitarist
 Tom Bradshaw
 1979 — 1981

 Hillbilly and Western Hoedown
 Artist Publications, Inc.
 1953 — 1954

 The Grinder's Switch Gazette
 Grinder's Switch Gazette, Inc.
 1944 — 1946

 Hillbilly Western Songs
 Capitol Stories, Inc.
 1950 — 1950

 The Jamboree
 Len Trissell
 1939 — 1941

 Heather Publications, Inc.
 1966 — 1966

 WIBW Round-Up
 WIBW Round-Up
 1945 — 1955

 Jamboree Magazine
 Western Song Club
 1948 — 1949

 WLS Stand-By
 Prairie Famer Publishing Co.
 1935 — 1938


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