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KMOX County Fair
St. Louis, MO
Year Started:  1932
Date Started:  August 13, 1932

KMOX County Fair

The "seasonal radio series" first aired over radio station KMOX in St. Louis, Missouri on August 13, 1932. The show was to air from 9:00pm to 9:45pm and from 10:15pm to 12:00 midnight on Saturday nights.

Heading up the show was Walter (Hank) Richards, who was the station's new program and production manager. He was to also work as the "Fair" supervisor and as a 1932 article described it, "ballyhooer-in-chief" of the troupe.

Credits & Sources
  • Radio and Entertainment in and Around St. Louis; Volume 1 No. 47; August 14, 1932; Metropolitan Publishing Company; 311 South Third Street; St. Louis, Missouri

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