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Arizona Hayride
Phoenix, AZ
Year Started:  1955
Date Started:  January 1, 1955

Arizona Hayride
Baby State Jamboree

The only mention we've found so far of this show was in a Cowboy Songs magazine column by Bobby Gregory in December of 1956. No mention was made of what day it was on, how long the show was or much else in this brief article.

The article mentions the show had just changed its name from the Arizona Hayride to the Baby State Jamboree. The name was reference to the fact that Arizona was then the 'youngest' state in the union - being the 48th state.

The show was based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Some of the cast members mentioned were:

  • Al Casey and his band
  • Sweethearts
  • Buckskins

Jimmy Spellman

Chuck Mayfield

Loy Clingman

Ray Odom

Al Casey


Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs No. 49; December 1956; "Your Favorites And Mine" by Bobby Gregory; American Folk Publications, Inc.


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