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WNAM-FM Barn Dance
Neenah, WI
Year Started:  1948
Date Started:  May 1, 1948

WNAM-FM Barn Dance

The WNAM-FM Barn Dance that was broadcast at Waverly Beach over WNAM-FM on Saturday nights was put together by the husband-wife duo of Mack and Sandy Ford. Prior to their arrival in Neenah, they had held fort at Dubuque, IA with the KDTH Barn Dance.

An April 26 promotional ad seems to indicate the first show was broadcast on Saturday night, May 1, 1948.

The show's broadcast was sponsored by Northland Engineering and Manufacturing Co. in Appleton, WI. The show aired over WNAM-FM from 9:00pm to 9:30pm with dancing from 9:30pm to 1:00am. Music was by Rube's Westerners. In May, Art Rothe and His Fine Band were providing the music, playing "old and modern tunes."

A June promotional ad provided more details about this show. It was held at the Waverly Beach Dance Hall. "If you like good, wholesome fun you should try the Barn Dance."

Intermissions included Sandy doing her "rope spinning act." In June, George Gordon's band provided music for dancing.

The show appears to have had a very short run. By mid-June of 1948, promotional ads had disappeared for the show. The Waverly Beach venue was hosting dances by various other bands. The last promotional ad was seen on June 11, 1948.

Promo Ad - WNAM-FM Barn Dance - Waverly Beach - Appleton, WI - Mack and Sandy Ford - Rube's Westerners - April 1948

Promo Ad - WNAM Barn Dance - Appleton, WI - May 21, 1948

Promo Ad - WNAM-FM Barn Dance - Waverly Beach - Mack and Sandy Ford - Art Rothe and his Fine Band - Appleton, WI - May 1948
Promo Ad - WNAM-FM Barn Dance - Waverly Beach - Mack and Sandy Ford - Appleton, WI - June 1948


Mack Ford

Sandy Ford

Mack and Sandy Ford


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