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Hocking Valley Barn Dance
Lancaster, OH

Hocking Valley Barn Dance

We first found mention of this program in a very brief 1954 article in one of the national publications at the time. While the article was brief, it did contain quite a few details about the group that made up this show that aired over radio station WAOK out of Lancaster, Ohio. It appears from this article that this show may have originated around 1951 or so.

The host and leader of the Hocking Valley Boys was Homer Spangler. Other members included Joyce Spangler, perhaps the wife of Homer. Homer played the guitar and did vocals as well as the emcee chores. One of the features of the show was a trio of 11-year old steel guitar players - Venton Roby, Donald Lisk and Frank Edgeton.

The 1954 article mentions the following as members of the show:

  • Homer Spangler, leader, emcee, vocals, guitar
  • Joyce Spangler
  • Johnny Buehler, harmonica, bass, vocals
  • Ray Fast, fiddle, vocals
  • Marion Speelman, guitar
  • Betty Chendle, vocals
  • Tom Mowry
  • Ray Montgomery
  • "Papa" Cliff Beavers
  • Clarence and Elinore Azbell

Credits & Sources
  • Cowboy Songs; No. 31; January-February 1954; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT


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