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Saturday Night Shindig
Dallas, TX
Year Started:  1944

Saturday Night Shindig at the Old General Store

Back in 1948, Dallas had the Saturday Night Shindig on WFAA on Saturday nights from "Possum Flats". John Allen was the announcer for the show. Jeannie McDonald would be calling a square dance maybe with a "do-se-do and around we go". The Dude Ranch Buckaroos were the band that played the background music on the show. You'd have some comedy thrown in with folks like Pop Myres, Peg Moreland or Little Willie.

Jeannie McDonald (perhaps the Jean McDonald that appeared on the WLS National Barn Dance in Chicago) showered her affections on Peg Moreland. He was known in the southwest as the 'King of Ditty Singers'. Ben McCleskey played the role of Little Willie, who they said was a '...colored handy-man' and he had been playing that role since 1931. They said he penned the first script of the show and had been writing all the scripts since.

Folks listed as part of the cast of this show included:

  • The Dude Ranch Buckaroos
  • Jeannie McDonald
  • Little Willie (real name Ben McCleskey)
  • Pop Myres (comedy)
  • Peg Moreland
  • Mack Newberry, sound affects
  • John Allen, announcer

Denise Foster

Johnny Bond

Arlie Duff

Ralph Sanford

Shelton Brothers

York Brothers

Mallie Ann Harbert


Credits & Sources

  • Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine No. 5 (Jan 1948); Chicago, IL


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