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Alabama Hayloft Jamboree
Birmingham, AL

Alabama Hayloft Jamboree

Back in 1948, hillbilly music or maybe some preferred to call it folk music or something else. In Alabama, like many areas, they could not get enough, especially when it was good.

Listeners in the range of WAPI in Birmingham, Alabama tuned in to Ralph Rogers as he emceed the Alabama Hayloft Jamboree, which was said to be a '...jollification by all the greatest hillbilly stars on records..." Folks tuned in and welcomed Ralph and his 'high-jinks'. Now though the mention of this show appeared in the Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine back in 1948, it is unclear whether this was a live show such as the other jamboree and opry shows we've got listed here. Until we get more details, we'll list it.

They mention that Happy Wilson and his Golden River Boys had an air of hospitality and friendliness typical of the south back then and seemingly were on the air in 'the early morning'.

Credits & Sources
  • Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine; No. 5 (Jan 1948), Published by Bill Currie, 35 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL

Ralph Rogers

Happy Wilson and Golden River Boys


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