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Marshall Jamboree
Marshall, TX
Year Started:  1952
Date Started:  December 27, 1952

KMHT Marshall Jamboree

Starting December 27th, 1952, the Saturday night "Marshall Jamboree" was one of the week's top events in the Marshall, Texas area. Its sponsor? The Marshall Chamber of Commerce and was managed by A.T. Young (see picture above - T. Tommy Cutrer, emcee and A.T. Young, manager)

The show ran 8 to 11pm and was held in front of 'turn-away' crowds at the stages of City Hall. It was carried over station KMHT.

This show was built around Buddy Young (A.T. Young's son) and his "Texas Ramblers". His son went into the army however and later only appeared when home on leave. He was known as a '...fine vocalist, guitarist and songwriter'. The emcee of the show, famed country DJ, T. Tommy Cutrer was at the time from radio station KCIJ in Shreveport, Louisiana.

In addition to its regulars the show saw guest appearances from stars of the Grand Ole Opry such as Martha Carson, Norman Nettles and his Blue Ridge Mountain Boys and Girls, with the Blue Mountain Sweethearts, Dicie and Jean Nettles.

Some folks who were part of the cast may have included:

  • Don Holt
  • Russell Cooner
  • Glenda Grant
  • Rhett Grant
  • A.B. Moore and Earl Woods
  • Buddy Young and Jane White

Credits & Sources
  • Country Song Roundup No. 30 March/April 1954, published by American Folk Publications, Inc., Derby, CT

Russell Cooner

Buddy Young and Jane White

Don Holt

T. Tommy Cutrer

A.B. Moore and Earl Woods

Dicie M. and Norma J. Nettles

Glenda Grant

Carol Williams

Rhett Grant


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