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It's Saturday night. The work week is done. Time for fun. Back then it was time for the music and dancing. Families and friends would get together. Those who could play and sing, did. The rest either watched or kicked up their heels and danced along.

From these types of gatherings the first recording companies and radio stations began to find their musicians and artists. George D. Hay long associated with the Grand Ole Opry was at WLS before then and knew their was an audience out there, rural America was his target.

History now lets us see which shows made it or lasted a few years. But for a while, it was like today's television copy cat formula for getting ratings. For a time, many radio stations used Barn Dance type radio shows featuring singing, comedy, square dancing as a way to gain listenership and to bring it to the audience live for broadcast.

Kick back. Turn off the tv. Gather around the radio - pretend its an old time radio with the glowing dials. Let your mind wander back to those old days as you rediscover these old shows and remember them. Or learn about them for the first time. From shows like this many of country music's stars and legends got their start.

Radio Station—City, State

Alabama Hayloft Jamboree
WAPI - Birmingham, AL

Hoosier Jubilee
WJOB - Hammond, IN

Rocky Mountain Jamboree
KLAK - Denver, CO

Allegheny Mountain Jamboree
WFRM - Coudersport, PA

Hoosierland Barn Dance
WLBC - Muncie, IN

Saddle Mountain Roundup
KVOO-KRLD - Tulsa, OK and Dallas, TX

Arizona Hayride
KRUX - Phoenix, AZ

Houston Home Town Jamboree
KNUZ - Houston, TX

Sagebrush Roundup
WMMN - Fairmont, WV

Arkansas Jamboree Barndance
KLRA - Little Rock, AR

Indiana Hoedown
WFBM - Indianapolis, IN

Saturday Night Shindig
WFAA - Dallas, TX

Big E Jamboree
 - Evansville, IN

Iowa Barn Dance Frolic
WHO - Des Moines, IA

Saturday Nite Hoedown
CJCH - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Blue Bonnet Barn Dance
KCEN-TV - Temple, TX

Kansas Roundup
WIBW - Topeka, KS

Shady Valley Gang
KWK - St. Louis, MO

Bluff Creek Round Up
KOMA - Oklahoma City, OK

KCUL Cowtown Hoedown
KCUL - Fort Worth, TX

Sohio Hayride
WLW - Cincinnati, OH

Boone County Jamboree
WLW - Cncinnati, OH

KDTH Barn Dance
KDTH - Dubuque, IA

South Texas Serenade
WOGT - Orange, TX

Brown County Jamboree
WIBC, WIRE - Bean Blossom, IN

Kentucky Mountain Barn Dance
WVLK - Lexington, KY

Sunset Valley Barn Dance
KSTP - St. Paul, MN

Calgary Stampede
 - Calgary, AB

KFPW Arkansas Valley Jamboree
KFPW - Fort Smith, AR

Suwanee River Jamboree
WNER - Live Oak, FL

California Hayride
 - Richmond, CA

KGCU Barn Dance
KGCU - Mandan, ND

Tennessee Barn Dance
WNOX - Knoxville, TN

Carolina Barn Dance
WBRM - Spruce Pine, NC

KLWT Saturday Night Barn Dance
KLWT - Lebanon, MO

Tennessee Hayloft Jamboree
WAGC - Chattanooga, TN

Carolina Hayride
WBT - Charlotte, NC

KMA Country School
KMA - Council Bluffs, IA

The Lazy Ranch Boys Barn Dance
WXYZ - Detroit, MI

CFCF Hometown Jamboree
CFCF - Montreal, Quebec Canada

KMAE Kornfield Karnival
KMAE - McKinney, TX

Town and Country Time Jamboree
WMAL - Washington, DC

Chippewa Valley Barn Dance
WEAU - Eau Claire, WI

KMBC Brush Creek Follies
KMBC - Kansas City, MO

Town Hall Jamboree
WIP - Philadelphia, PA

Circle Jamboree
WERE - Cleveland, OH

KMOX County Fair
KMOX - St. Louis, MO

Town Hall Party
KFI/KTTV - Compton, CA

CKEY Hayloft Hoedown
CKEY - Toronto, Ontario Canada

KWTO - Springfield, MO

Virginia Barn Dance
WDVA - Danville, VA

CKNX Barn Dance
CKNX - Wingham, ON

KRLD Big D Jamboree
KRLD - Dallas, TX

WADC Jamboree
WADC - Akron, OH

Cornbelt Jamboree
KMA - Council Bluffs, IA

KVOA Barn Dance
KVOA - Tucson, AZ

WAMO Hometwon Jamboree
WAMO - Pittsburgh, PA

Country Carnival Barn Dance
KMPC - San Gabriel, CA

KWGB Rhythm Jamboree Bandwagon
KWGB - Goodland, KS

WAVY Tidewater Jamboree
WAVY - Tidewater, VA

Cowtown Jubilee
KCMO - Kansas City, MO

KWTO Barn Dance
KWTO - Springfield, MO

WBAM Deep South Jamboree
WBAM - Montgomery, AL

Dixie Jamboree
WBT - Charlotte, NC

Lee Mace's Ozark Opry
KRCG, KMOS - Lake of the Ozarks, MO

WDAY Hayloft Jamboree
WDAY - Fargo, ND

Dream Ranch Jamboree
WJMX - Florence, SC

Louisiana Hayride
KWKH - Shreveport, LA

WFIL Barn Dance
WFIL - Philadelphia, PA

East Texas Hillbilly Jamboree
KFRO - Longview, TX

Main Street Jamboree
CHML - Hamilton, ON

WGAC Barn Dance
WGAC - Augusta, GA

Forman Phillips County Barn Dance
 - Los Angeles, CA

Marshall Jamboree
KMHT - Marshall, TX

WGRC Hilltop Jamboree
WGRC - Louisville, KY

Fox River Valley Roundup
 - Milwaukee, WI

Maumee Valley Jamboree
WTOD - Toledo, OH

WGY Radio Ranch
WGY - Schenectady, NY

Garden State Jamboree
WATV (TV) - Newark, NJ

Michigan Barn Dance
WKNX - Saginaw, MI

WHIL Hometown Jamboree
WHIL - Medford, MA

Grand Ole Opry
WSM - Nashville, TN

Midway Jamboree
WGWD - Gadsden, AL

WIBC Jamboree
WIBC - Indianapolis, IN

Happy Valley Jamboree
WSGN - Birgmingham, AL

Midwestern Hayride
WLW - Cincinnati, OH

WJJJ Jaybird Jamboree
WJJJ - Montgomery, AL

Hayloft Frolic
WTTV - Terre Haute / Bloomington, IN

National Barn Dance
WLS - Chicago, IL

WJJL Jamboree
WJJL - Niagara Falls, NY

Hayloft Frolic and Dance
WTJS - Jackson, TN

New Dominion Barn Dance
WRVA - Richmond, VA

WJW Barndance Jamboree
WJW - Cleveland, OH

Hayloft Hoedown
WFIL - Philadelphia, PA

North American Country Cavalcade
WMNI - Columbus, OH

WKBH Barn Dance
WKBH - LaCrosse, WI

Hayloft Jamboree
WCOP - Boston, MA

Old Farm Hour
WCHS - Charleston, WV

WKRC Cornhuskers Jamboree
WKRC - Cincinnati, OH

Hocking Valley Barn Dance
WAOK - Lancaster, OH

Old Fashioned Barn Dance
KMOX - St. Louis, MO

WMBG Jamboree
WMBG - Richmond, VA

Hoffman Hayloft (WBAP-TV)
WBAP-TV - Fort Worth, TX

Old Kentucky Barn Dance
WHAS - Louisville, KY

WMC Plough Dixie Jamboree
WMC - Memphis, TN

Hoffman Hayride (KFMB-TV)
KFMB-TV - San Diego, CA

Original Warren County Jamboree
WRRN - Warren, PA

WMMT Jamboree
WMMT - McMinnville, TN

Hoffman Hayride (KGO-TV)
KGO-TV - San Franicsco, CA

Ozark Jubilee
KWTO - Springfield, MO

WNAM Barn Dance
WNAM - Neenah, WI

Hoffman Hayride (KOB-TV)
KOB-TV - Albuquerque, NM

Paint Valley Jamboree
WSRW - Bainbridge, OH

WNAX Missouri Valley Barn Dance
WNAX - Yankton, SD

Hoffman Hayride (KPHO-TV)
KPHO-TV - Phoenix, AZ

Peach State Jamboree
WJAT - Swainsboro, GA

WPFB Jamboree
WPFB - Middletown, OH

Hoffman Hayride (KPTV-TV)
KPTV-TV - Portland, OR

Pine Hollow Jamboree
WPIC - Sharon, PA

WRVA Old Dominion Barn Dance
WRVA - Richmond, VA

Hoffman Hayride (KTLA-TV)
KTLA-TV - Los Angeles, CA

Possum Holler Opry
WGEM-TV - Quincy, IL

WSAI Barn Dance
WSAI - Cincinnati, OH

Hoffman Hayride (WOAI-TV)
WOAI-TV - San Antonio, TX

Red River Jamboree
KFTV - Paris, TX

WSB Barn Dance
WSB - Atlanta, GA

Hollywood Barn Dance
KNX - Hollywood, CA

Red Rose Jamboree
WLAN - Lancaster, PA

WTMJ Badger State Barn Dance
WTMJ - Milwaukee, WI

Hometown Jamboree
KXLA - Los Angeles, CA

Renfro Valley Barn Dance
WLW - Renfro Valley, KY

WVOK Dixie Jamboree
WVOK - Birmingham, AL

Hoosier Hop
WOWO - Fort Wayne, IN

Rockford Hayloft Jamboree
 - Rockford, IL

WWVA Jamboree
WWVA - Wheeling, WV


Yes, Hillbilly Music. You may perhaps wonder why. You may even snicker. But trust us, soon your feet will start tappin' and before you know it, you'll be comin' back for more...Hillbilly Music.

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