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Yes, Hillbilly Music. We turned Hillbilly-Music.com on at 5:49pm on April 1, so c'mon in and visit. Hillbilly-Music.com is still undergoing fixer uppin' but that don't mean you can't look around, remember or discover. We may still have a few kinks out there and we're still fiddlin' with the look and feel, but we think y'all won't mind.

Hillbilly-music.com aims to have it all or try to. The artists. The dj's and the emcees. We'll try and have something on it. Go back in time. Read about the old shows - it wasn't just the Grand Ole Opry back then. You'll be surprised.

Hillbilly-music.com is meant to be an online historical site of the early days of hillbilly music as it transforms into what we today call country music.

If there was a 78rpm recording by the artist, then we hope we'll be lucky enough to find out about it and get the info into our database. We'll leave the detailed listings to those who do more research as to specific recordings sessions and matrix numbers and the like. We try to come upon the information naturally. We encourage you to see out the various discography books if you want more details and histories of the labels.

If there is a photo of the artist, group or disc jockey or Emcee, then we'll try and get that, too. Mostly from common publications that are usually publicity type photos.

If there was a live broadcast over radio of the old barn dance, jamboree, opry, hoedown type shows and trust me - there were a lot of them, we'll try and provide you with some information on the show or at least as much as we can find.

Our 'resources' area is like a bibliography to a book. If you've got an itch to learn more about what you find here - that might be a good starting point for you to go from. And by no means is it everything that could be out there. Part of this site is the fun in finding new information. Its sort of like a scavenger hunt.

You'll see us try and get information on the lesser known folks of the hillbilly music era right now more than the more established names. How could we possibly add more to Hank Williams' legend? There were many folks out there who helped hillbilly music gain its popularity and allowed others to rise up through the ranks so to speak to become some of the more well known stars we know of today. Or even become the legends of today.

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Yes, Hillbilly Music. You may perhaps wonder why. You may even snicker. But trust us, soon your feet will start tappin' and before you know it, you'll be comin' back for more...Hillbilly Music.

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It's about the people, the music, the history.