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Who Gary Buck
What Gary Buck dies at 63
When October 16, 2003
Where Calgary, AB

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By Anika Van Wyk
Calgary Sun

CALGARY -- Gary Buck, the man responsible for the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, has died. He was 63.

Buck succumbed to cancer last night at the Didsbury hospital.

"He will be remembered most for his vision of establishing the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame (located on the Stampede grounds). And he did that pretty much single-handedly," says Sheila Hamilton, general manager of the Canadian Country Music Association.

In 2001, the CCMA inducted Buck into the Hall of Fame, for both his work at preserving the history of the genre, as well as his work as a producer and an artist. His hits include The Weatherman, Break the News to Lisa, Wayward Woman of the World and Mr. Brown.

Fellow Hall of Famer Dick Damron's first No. 1, Countryfied, was produced by Buck.

"He was a great vocalist. He was really dedicated to country music. He was single-minded about country music," Damron told the Sun. He planned to listen to a Buck CD to honour his pal.

Buck is survived by his wife Deb and children Matthew, Raymond, Trudy, Kailie and Christine.

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