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Nashville Wives
By Mrs. George Jones and Tom Carter
Cliff Street Books
253 Pages
ISBN:  0-06-018270-9

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From one of Nashville's most prominent wives and a top journalist comes a revealing, intimate look inside the lives and marriages of major country music heartthrobs.

Country music is celebrated for the honesty of its lyrics, and in this book fifteen outspoken Nashville wives talk openly, for the first time, about life with their famous and infamous husbands-how they met, fell in love, rose to stardom, and coped with the pressures of show business success-and failure. How did Garth Brooks's wife handle the public disclosure of his adultery? Why is Kenny Rogers's bride optimistic about their marital future when she is the sixth Mrs. Rogers? How did Mrs. Alan Jackson respond to the rumors of her husband's romantic involvement with one of Nashville's foremost female singers? Was it difficult for Mrs. Charley Pride to maintain an "all is well" appearance when her husband was undergoing psychiatric treatment? Also, the sixth Mrs. Merle Haggard confesses to her drug addiction; Mrs. Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn talks exclusively about her husband's past violent outbursts; Mrs. Billy Ray Cyrus discloses why she was forced to keep her marriage secret from the public; Mrs. Glen Campbell recalls her husband's conversion from cocaine to born-again Christianity; and more.

In Nashville Wives, Mrs. George (Nancy) Jones, wife of the most critically acclaimed country vocalist who shares her own amazing story of Nashville secrets and legends, and Tom Carter, author of several country music bestsellers, provide a gritty, unprecedented account of the men who make America's favorite music and the women behind them.

Mrs. George (Nancy) Jones has long been the doyenne of Nashville wives. Tom Carter is a Nashville journalist who has collaborated on autobiographies of major country superstars, including Glen Campbell, Ralph Emery, Reba McEntire, and George Jones.


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