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Stand By Your Man
An Autobiography
By Tammy Wynette with Joan Dew
Simon and Schuster
349 Pages
ISBN:  0-671-22884-6

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In Stand By Your Man, Tammy Wynette, the queen of Country Western, tells the inspiring life story of her ascent from rags to riches. From the obscurity of the tarpaper shack in rural Mississippi, where she grew up, to the splendor of the pre-Civil War manison in Florida she shared with her star singer-composer third husband, George Jones, it's all here: the ups, the downs, the marriages, the divorces, the heartbreak and the joys.

IOn a movingly personal account, Tammy describes how she dreamed of a singing career while picking cotton as a child, clung to that dream through an agonizing girlhood first marriage, supported her older two children by working as a divorced waterfront barmaid in Memphis, taugh herself singing after working hours at a small-town beauty parlor in Alabama—and finally fled, penniless, to Nashville to audition for the Grand Ole Opry. Five times wed and still committed to marriage, she tells how she fell in love with the men in her life—the unemployed youth who courted her in backwoods Mississippi, the two singer-composer husbands, and George Richey, the man she loves today.

This is the story, above all, of her pursuit of happiness—through struggle, personal fulfillment, love, ambition for success, and the mixed joys and sorrows of superstardom.

For Tammy Wynette's millions of fans, it will be a must. For others, it will be a revelation. For all, it truly will seem one of the great American success stories— unflinchingly told as it really was and is!

Illustrated with photographs from Tammy Wynette's family albums.


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