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That's The Truth If I've Ever Told It
Bashful Brother Oswald
The Life and Times of Roy Acuff's Right-Hand Man
By Peggy & Mike McCloud
B.R. & Euneta Kirby
151 Pages

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If you've ever wondered how Bashful Brother Oswald (Pete Kirby) developed his raucous laugh, or when he started playing the Dobro, or what it was like to work for the legendary Roy Acuff, then this book is for you. In an effort to uncover the "Truth" about one of the Grand Ole Opry's most entertaining stars, Peggy and Mike McCloud give the reader an uncensored glimpse of Os's life, from the moonshing days in Sevierville to the glory days as a Smoky Mountain Boy.

Included are stories about Os's encounters with early Opry stars such as Uncle Dave Macon, String Bean, Moon Mullican, Box Car Willie and many others. This book ,written in a simple, yet compelling manner, will make a great addition to any Grand Ole Opry collection—and is a must-have for any long-time fans of Roy Acuff and The Smoky Mountain Boys.

If you know Os personally, you're aware of the way he tells his jokes—"one after the other, in no particular order or rhyme. And if there's an instrument in his hand, he'll tell a joke, then play a song, then tell another joke. It is the opinion of the authors that Os lives this way because of the influence of all his "routines" and skits throughout his career. In keeping with this "method", the authors have written this book and recorded Os's life stories in "snippets" instead of a continuous biographical piece. . . because that's the way Os would tell it.


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