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Pickin' On Peachtree
By Wayne W. Daniel
University of Illinois Press
295 Pages
ISBN:  0-252-06968-4

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But for a few twists of fate, Atlanta could easily have grown to be the recording center that Nashville is today. Pickin' on Peachtree traces Atlanta's emergence in the 1920s as a major force in country recording and radio broadcasting, a position of dominance that it enjoyed for some forty years.

From the Old Time Fiddlers' Conventions and barn dances through the rise of station of WSB and other key radio outlets, Wayne Daniel throroughly documents the consolidation of country musica s big business in Atlanta. He also profiles a vast array of performers, radio personalities, and reocrding moguls who transformed the Peachtree city into the nerve center of early country music.

  • Wayne Daniel has published numerous articles in "Bluegrass Unlimited", "Journal of Country Music", "Devil's Box", and other publications.


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