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The Gospelaires

About the Group

About The Group

In early 1953, we find that on the west coast there was a quartet known as the Gospelaires that did a fine job of spreading the gospel by song. It was organized in 1947 by Don E. Smith, who sang bass. The group broadcast over radio station KMJ in Fresno, California and made at least 68 recordings on the Gospel label.

Through the use of records and transcriptions, the Gospelaires were heard on many other stations covering a large portion of California and parts of Mexico.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group members included:

  • Don E. Smith, bass singer
  • J. C. Daniels, second tenor, guitar
  • Wilbur Dean Daniels, first tenor
  • Rayford Daniels, tenor
  • Wilma Jean Daniels, soloist, pianist

Credits & Sources

  • Country Song Roundup #22, April 1953, American Folk Publications, Inc. Derby, CT.