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The Tru-Tones

About the Group

About The Group

Think those little family singalongs can't lead somewhere? After one such family recording session in March 1955, the Tru-Tones were organized. They specialized in Southern Gospel songs and spirituals, but could also do the more 'reserved' church hymns just as well.

The original three members were Winona Paynor, Kathryn Blackburn and Ruth Spain. In March 1956, Carolyn Harris joined the trio as a pianist.

It appears that they did do one recording at least at the time, on their own label. Jack Clark accompanied the girls on the piano when they recorded "Have You Heard" and "Jesus The Waymaker".

They traveled throughout Southern California, appearing at conventions and other personal appearances and also did some TV work in Bakersfield and Tulare.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group Members included:

  • Winona Paynor
  • Kathryn Blackburn
  • Ruth Spain
  • Carolyn Harris, piano