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Chickie's Chicks (Peeper, Poochie and Punkin )

About The Group

Barbara Diane (b. 1940), Madeline Dawn (b. 1943) and Karen Dolores Smik (b. 1944) are the daughters of Doc and Chickie Williams of WWVA Jamboree fame. They first sang on WWVA in 1948 and periodically thereafter. (Karen' solo career is covered as Karen McKenzie.)

Portrait - Chickie's Chicks - Kids - Punkin Peeper Poochie - Madeline Barbara and Karen Williams

On stage they were known by their nicknames of Peeper, Poochie and Punkin, or collectively as Chickie's Chicks. Both Barbara and Madeline pursued separate careers in education: Barbara (M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh) taught English as a foregn language while living in Europe and Madeline (B. A. West Virginia University) taught secondary school Spanish in Wheeling. Karen left Shepherd State College after two years for a music career. Madeline dropped plans for a music career after auto accident injuries and Barbara later served for many years as manager of the Doc Williams Country Store on Main Street in downtown Wheeling, across the from the Jamboree.

Musically, the girls were most active when traveling with their parents during summer vacations from school during the 1950's and until 1962. In 1961, they cut a single on Wheeling Records and all participated in the Doc Williams Family Sacred Album in 1967.

Some thirty-five years later, the three recorded a religious album compact disc, Doc and Chickie Present Their Daughters, Peeper, Pooch and Punkin — Let the Lower Lights Be Burning, released on Wheeling in the spring of 2003.

Promo Portrait - Doc Williams; Chickie Williams; Punkin Peeper Poochie - Madeline Barbara and Karen Williams

As of 2020, the sisters continue to reside in Wheeling and endeavor to preserve their parents' music legacy and that of the venerable radio program that helped make Doc and Chickie Williams musical legends.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Wheeling Records
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  45-1027 A Waltz Of Tears
  45-1027 B Green Cathedral

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