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The Prairie Playboys
KFAB Lincoln, NE
KOA Denver, CO
KWTO Springfield, MO

About The Group

The original members of this group were Slim Wilson, Smokey Lohman, Zedric Tennis, Bob White and Glen Robb. The band was formed and started on radio station KWTO in Springfield, Missouri.

But there popularity took them on a journey that was similar to many artists of the World War II era. A June 1942 article mentions they were offered a contract with Republic Pictures in Hollywood, California.

The band moved on to other stations over the years - working in cities such as Omaha, Lincoln and Denver.

By 1942, the group had found its way back to KWTO except for for Glen Robb who was then working with radio station WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. But The Dial reported that Glen would be in Springfield during a summer vacation in 1942 and was rumored to perhaps make a guest appearance with the Prairie Playboys.

in 1942, the group could be heard over KWTO at 10:30am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Timeline & Trivia Notes

Group Members:
  • Slim WIlson
  • Smokey Lohman
  • Zedric (Zed) Tennis
  • Bob White
  • Glen Robb

Credits & Sources

  • The Dial; June 1942; Springfield, Missouri
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