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Confederate Moutaineers
WHIL Boston-Medford, MA

About The Group

Confederate Mountaineers The Confederate Mountaineers came about through the efforts of Tex Logan it seems. Tex (from New Jersey) was attending MIT and talked the Lilly Brothers of West Virginia into coming to Boston's famed Hillbilly Ranch.

The Lilly Brothers in turn got Little Don Stover to join them also. Their authentic American, folk, mountain and country music were heard at the Ranch and in the Boston area for nearly 18 years and were pioneers in bringing country music to the Boston area.

They also appeared on Boston's Hayloft Jamboree. For a time, the band appeared on a over WHIL, broadcasting from the Boston-Medford area, including a radio-only show, the Boston Jamboree.

The band members have all been inducted into the Massachusetts Country Music Hall of Fame.

Timeline & Trivia Notes

Group Members:

  • Tex Logan
  • Everett Lilly
  • Bea Lilly
  • Don Stover

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to thank Gordon Brown, of the New England Country Music Historical Society for the photo and notes for this group.

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