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The Texas Buckaroos
WEAN Providence, RI
WJAR Providence, RI

About The Group

The Texas Buckaroos were one of the oldest acts in the New England area in the late 1940s and early 1950s - they were organized in 1935. An old undated folio indicated that only two of the original members were still with the troupe. Their personal appearances were in the New England area, New York and Southern Canada.

They appeared in many venues, including grange halls, hospitals, political rallies, county and state fairs, the Village Barn in New York. They were also interviewed or auditioned to appear with Milton Berle at the Latin Quarter and on his radio and television shows.

We get an idea of the popularity of the act and how selling photos and song folios were an extra source of income for the early country music groups. The undated folio contained a bit of detail that over 18 months of appearances, they had sold over 3,000 photos and 1,200 song folios.

During their run, they appeared on many Southern New England radio stations. They had a daily show over WJAR-NBC. And were heard on Saturday nights over WEAN.

We gleaned some details about the band members. Bob Baton was the original Texas Buckaroos, handling the emcee chores, bass fiddle playing as well as the business matters for the group. Fidlin' Pete Williams was another of the original Texas Buckaroos; he played a variety of styles including square dance, dance tunes and the classics. Dick Grant had been with the group a relatively short time compared to the original members. Dick was known to "...making an audience cry while he renders a ballad..." Terry Dee was tall, dark-eyed female guitar player and singer who was said to have some of the "...sweetest singing or fastest yodelin' this side of Texas". Lil was the other female member of the act, playing accordion and often did duet harmonies with Terry.

Timeline & Trivia Notes

Group Members

  • Bob Baton, bass fiddle, emcee
  • Fiddlin' Pete Williams, fiddle
  • Dick Grant, guitar, vocals
  • Terry Dee, guitar, vocals
  • Lil, accordion, vocals, duets with Terry

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to thank Gordon Brown, of the New England Country Music Historical Society for the photo and notes for this artist.

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