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The Statesmen Quartet
Gospel Music Hall of Fame (1998)

Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about The Statesmen Quartet. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything about this artist yet.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1189 A Wait Till You See Me In My New Home
  1189 B Led Out Of Bondage
  1211 A Happy Rhythm
  1211 B Something To Shout About
  1416 A When I Get Saved
  1416 B You're Gonna Reap What You Sow
  1467 A Heaven's Joys Awaits
  1467 B Hide Me, Rock Of Ages
  1489 A Peace In The Valley
  1489 B Sho' Do Need Him Now
  1582 A Listen To The Bells
  1582 B I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him
  1917 A Standing Outside
  1917 B I'm Gonna Take A Ride
  2016 A Bound For The Kingdom
  2016 B On Revival Day
  2115 A Rockin' My Soul
  2115 B Sunday Meetin' Time
  2303 A The Love Of God
  2303 B Trouble
  2469 A How Many Times?
  2469 B Someone To Care
  2566 A When You Travel All Alone
  2566 B One Of These Mornings
  40289 A If You've Never Learned To Pray
  40289 B The Land Where Living Waters Flow
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-5850 A I've Been With Jesus
  20-5850 B This Ole House
  20-5911 A If God Didn't Care
  20-5911 B Move That Mountain
  20-6020 A In The Beginning
  20-6020 B Taller Than Trees
  20-6066 A I'm Climbing Higher And Higher
  20-6066 B My Brother's Keeper
  20-6100 A A Man Called Peter
  20-6100 B The Bible Told Me So
  20-6191 A Headin' Home
  20-6191 B Poor Old Adam
  20-6583 A No One But Jesus Knows
  20-6583 B Your First Day In Heaven
  20-6658 A How Long Has It Been?
  20-6658 B I'm Gonna Walk With My Friend Jesus
  20-6723 A Faith Unlocks The Door
  20-6723 B My Heart Is A Chapel
  20-6760 A Brand New Star
  20-6760 B Practise What You Preach
  20-6876 A I've Found A New Friend
  20-6876 B Love Never Fails
  20-6962 A God Is My Partner
  20-6962 B Stop, Look And Listen For The Lord
  20-7053 A Every Hour And Every Day
  20-7053 B Till The Last Leaf Shall Fall
  20-7103 A God Is God
  20-7103 B Mansions Can't Be Bought
  20-7131 A Oh What A Friend He Is To Me
  20-7131 B Up Above My Head
  20-7152 A Look Up
  20-7152 B Who Do You Think?
  20-7198 A Everybody's Gonna Have A Terrible Time
  20-7198 B My God Won't Ever Let Me Down
  20-7253 A At Roll Call
  20-7253 B He's Got The Whole Wide Worl In His Hands
  47-5132 A Move That Mountain
  47-5132 B If God Didn't Care
  47-6020 A In The Beginning
  47-6020 B Taller Than Trees
  47-6962 A God Is My Partner
  47-6962 B Stop, Look and Listen For The Lord

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